Friday, 26 August 2011

BBC Wales news for once manage to unite Left and Right.

Rather frighteningly I find myself for the first time ever in total agreement with John Tyler   formally the Stonemason as he comments on the  BBC Wales "story " that...

More than £10m has been lost to the NHS in Wales in the last three years because ambulances are not transferring patients to hospitals quickly enough.
After taking patients to hospital, crews should be ready to answer the next emergency call within 20 minutes.
Research by the BBC shows that tens of thousands of hours are lost when ambulances fail to meet that target.
 Perhaps they should watch thier episode of Casualty (much advertised as being "Made in Wales" )  where even fictionalised situations seem  have a more realistic idea of whats happens in Emergency Departments than the BBC Wales News staff.

I can only assume that BBC Wales health correspondent Arwyn Jones  and his researchers have never been taken to an Hospital by ambulance. what do they expect Ambulance to do . Pin a note on a patient and leave them in the Lobby, If the patient had been sick or spillt blood on the floor of the Ambulance, just leave it there and only clean up at the end of the shift.

If both I and the ex Stonemason (John Tyler ) can agree on this  then it does show how pathetic BBC Wales have become as John says...

Maybe the reporters at BBC Wales should get out more, sit alongside people who actually work for a living rather than looking for a story where a story doesn't exist, paid for by the very same people they look to criticise. 

There you go ive quoted him and agreed with him.

I know this is supposed to be the silly season byt in the case of BBC Wales its appears its more the stupid season.


  1. Agree Glyn - how can you apply Time and Motion standards to a caring service.Are the crews allowed a tea break or a comfort break even in those figures.
    Back off BBC , give the crews some praise for the lifesaving job they do - that would be good

  2. When BBC Wales quote their own research you can be sure ofthree things: (1) there is no other news (2) Westminster and the Senedd are still on holiday and (3) the so-called research will never be made available for independent scrutiny.

  3. I'm surprised that the Lib-Dems (in particular Peter Black who'll chase any story) haven't got hold of this story as they'll make publicity from anything.

  4. Anonymous 21:29

    It would be have something if Pater had posted on this. It would have ben something that Bloggers across the political spectrum agreed that BBC Wales had behaved deploringly on this.


    Bang on: And They actually led with this non-story.