Friday, 5 August 2011

Big Soceity in Action . Close Remploy factories.

News from the BBC that disabled workers in Rhondda Cynon Taf are staging a 48-hour protest as the UK government consults on the future of Britain's Remploy factories.
Seventy two jobs in Porth are under threat, along with more than 300 others at eight other Remploy bases in Wales.
The government is "minded to accept" closure of the remaining Remploy factories for disabled workers, according to a consultation on the end of government support for segregated employment.

The review, led by Liz Sayce, chief executive of disability charity Radar, concluded that state support for segregated employment should be phased out in favour of helping disabled people to get and keep jobs in the general labour market.

Sayce suggested that reallocating resources could increase the number of disabled people being helped from 65,000 to almost 100,000.

Why can't I stop thinking that this was not so much a review rather than a "Come up with an alternative to remploy agenda".

The ConLib government have targeted the  disabled unemployed and have been working to give the impression that the majority of them are Benefit Scroungers . Last  Saturday, in what I consider to be the Blog article of the year Valleys Mam pointed me to the sort black propaganda the Coalition government has been up to and if you read anything today use the link at look at it..

No doubt there will be the usual patronising guff from some commentators on "how these workers are seen as valuable " and how much employers reguard the small number (usually seen as a quota ) that they so graciously give work to,

here will be the argument that the proposals are to prevent segregation of the disabled But the this plaln has only one criteria to save money.  If hundreds of dedicated people are thrown on to benefits where they will join the rest of the ConLib demomizesd disabled unemployed too bad. But no amount of spin of the "Big Society " or patronising from this government and those carrying out its orders will hide the real truth.

There are very few jobs for the able unemployed let alone those who have even minor disabilities.

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  1. Good post. Christian shame on the tory/lib government for targeting the Remply factories.
    All a load of bull in saying they want disabled employees to be integrated into the general workforce.
    What has happened, they have done some calculations on paper. They have worked out it would save money to pay these disabled people benefits than keep them in a job.
    Bull talk about integration.