Friday, 22 July 2011

Plaid gain majority over Gwynedd Council . Close though

The Libdems cut Plaid Cymru's majority to just 13 votes in a contest for Bangor's Glyder seat at Gwynedd County

Gwynedd County - Glyder: Plaid Cymru 207, Lib Dem 194, C 65, Lab 60. (May 2008 - Plaid Cymru 357, Lib Dem 197). Plaid Cymru hold. Swing 13.1% Plaid Cymru to Lib Dem..

Though clearly the swing d is misleading as the LibDem vote actually  fell by 3 and Plaid seem to have lost votes to Lanour and the Conservatives.

However it must have come as shock to Plaid to nearly lose the seat to the LibDems who however currently hold 2 seats in neighboring Menai bangor.. Nevertheless this result  gives Plaid an overall majority on Gwynedd Council which may have been an factor in this by-election.

I have no knowledge of the campaigning, but if I was in one of the other parties I would have argued that it might be a good idea to vote for them  stop Plaid from gaining overall control.

There is also a vacancy in Diffwys and Maenofferen division if Gwynedd  after the resignation of Llais Gwynedd councillor Richard Lloyd Jones. I suspect that Llais Gwyndd  may in some ways prefer for Plaid to now  be in overall controll  and will use this argument in the forthcoming byelection and next May claiming Plaid are  now totaly responsible for any unpopular decisions.

There will also be a byelection on Torfaen county borough council:  Tuesday 26 July in Snatchwood division after the death of Independent councillor Tom Gould. . Note the day it seems this becoming more common to hold byelections on days other than the traditional Thursday is  why this is so I have no idea. If you have let me know

 There was one other Byelection in Wales this week

Cwmamman Town Council Carmarthenshire  by-election result

Plaid 192 , Labour 144 votes

Plaid gain from Labour.


  1. Re-Cwmmaman. Good on Plaid as Labour is doing a real hash of things in this county.

  2. Plaid's majority on Gwynedd might be short lived as one of the party's councillors is due in court later this month charged with stealing £50K from the Post Office.

  3. Alwyn
    So the Diffwys and Maenofferen byelection could well be the decider if they get a majority . Looks like it will be an interesting one .