Friday, 29 July 2011

The Crachach awakes.

Guto Harri is a prime example of the Cracach born  in Cardiff, Wales, the son of the psychatrist and noted writer, Harri Pritchard-Jones. , Harri was educated at and at the Welsh-medium Ysgol Gyfun Llanhari (Llanhari Comprehensive School), and Queen's College, Oxford, where he studied PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) where his friends included Boris Johnson who after a period who after a period as a a regular presenter on BBC television and radio programmes was appointed Communications Director when the latter became Mayor of London.

 Harri has recently caused ire when he queried whether Wales had done enough to attract events to the 2012 Olympics. after We;sh First Minister Carwyn Jones  complained that  a year until the games started he would have liked Wales to host more events than the 11 football matches to be played at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.

He also expressed disappointment that Welsh businesses have not won more Olympic contracts. Of the £6bn of contracts awarded to British companies, an estimated £38m has gone to Welsh firms.

Harri said

: "It's a bit late to complain that not enough has been distributed to Wales isn't it, because we have more or less settled these things for years2. 
Lets be honest he has a point  When Plaid's former MP Adam Price questions about why a new mountain bike course was planned for Essex when Wales already has courses arguing that Wales' terrain was far superior for mountain biking he did not seem to get much support from Labour backbenchers.

Mr Price called for the mountain biking event to be held at "excellent" facilities at Margam near Port Talbot. Where was the local Labour Member on this or the Labour council on this?  or Peter Hain Welsh Secretary at the time and who must know ere are great Mountain Bike facilities also in his Neath Constituency ?
Where are the mountain bike competition going to be held? Hadleigh Farm in Essex !! . That well known mountain region.
And so Wales gets 11 football matches but not he finals.
Of course it was a Labour Government that was responsible for all this so its not surprising that  Labour who ran the  Assembly when all the decisions on where the venue had been taken as former Plaid AM Neys Evans (and its a pity to use former) pointed out last year
 It could well be that Rhodri Morgan  and his colleagues who were running the assembly at the time realised that Wales was never going to get more than a few crumbs and that it wasn't worth the effort and expense of trying to attract faculties which never were going to come here,
So I've sympathy wit Guto Harri statement but I'm not sure it appropriate for the spokesman for the London Mayor to enter the debate in this way presumably because of his Welsh background.
But then it shows his Cracach background where people like him feel that they have a automatic right to tell Wales how it should be run even though they left it work as a Tory political appointee.
There another point about the Cracach there a feeling among some Welsh Nationalists that because someone speaks Welsh that are automatically on their side. The case of Guto Harri who has chosen to work for a Tory Buffoon like Boris Johnson shows that there are ordinary monoglot English speakers and indeed people who were not originally  born in Wales who are prepared to put out Nation first.and they deseve our encouragement.

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