Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MPs united against Murdoch( But why so late?)

It would take a particularly cynical person to feel sympathy and share the anger of Gordon Brown on the allegations relating to the Sun and the the  avocations  that Gordon's son had Cystic fibrosis. as he said
'I can't think of any way that the medical condition of a child can be put into the public arena legitimately unless the doctor makes a statement or the family makes a statement.
'I make no claims, but the fact of the matter is that I had my bank accounts broken into, I had my lawyers' files effectively blagged, my tax returns went missing at one point.
'I don't know how all this happened, but I do know one thing: that in two of those instances there is absolute proof that News International was involved in hiring people to get this information.'
Mr Brown also highlighted the level of security surrounding him at the time of the alleged hacks, and suggested the fact that journalists circumnavigated such checks showed 'ordinary citizens' had virtually no chance of protecting themselves.

It has emerged that Rebekah  Wade/ Brooks had told Mrs Brown that she knew four-month-old Fraser had cystic fibrosis - something which was thought to be known only by the family and medical staff - and that the paper intended to run a story.Naturally Browns were devastated. Speaking to the BBC today, Mr Brown said that he was 'incredibly upset' at the thought his son was going to be 'broadcast across the media.'

However in this was in 2006 and Gordon Brown still went to Rebekah Wade's wedding   to Charlie Brooks in 2009.

 If some one had me or my family and friends  in the same way this appaling women had I would shunned her and made it dam well clear why.

Perhaps it reflects the power  that the Murdoch Empire had and the fact that even decent people remained silent over the fact that his papers were guilty of cruel bullying not just of celebrities  and politicians but normal members of the public.

The number of people who were in any position of power who were prepared to make a stand  against the power of News International even when it became cleat that they were hacking phones was small...

It it's a common accusation that soon after the second World war most Germans claimed to be   be secretly opposed to the Nazi all a long but whilst there  were a few including my personal heroine Sophie Scholl they were few and far between Even in occupied France the number of members of the resistance has only been estimated at 2%  and yet on liberation loads joined in too watch the shaven heads of poor girls who hasd fallen for German Soldier.

Today in the House of Commons they will vote probably unanimously against  Murdoch gaining control of BSkyB and we will here the former arse  lickers of  Murdoch denouncing him one by one. But only those who have openly opposed Murdoch like labours Tom Watson over the years will have my respect,.

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