Saturday, 9 July 2011

Moving On? I don't think so Peter.

When I saw on my Blog List that Peter Black, had posted on the theme Sacrificed I assumed that he was going to comment on the fate of the LibDem two. However it was nothing to do with this, and so I left the message. ..
"Oh when I saw the title I thought you were going to post about the "Sacrifice" of John Dixon to ensure Aled Roberts Survived the vote of AMs".
To which the usual exuberant Mr   Black replied...
"We have moved on! "
How so like the LibDem's . Throughout this sorry saga and I again state I felt that the two were hard done by the LibDem blogsite have mostly silent on this subject. Though the world and his wife know if the two had had been  members of any other Party we would have daily contribution from Peter, Subordinate Center et al.

It is not over, and we have not moved and Aled Roberts has not been entirely vindicated by the Electoral Commissions disclosure before the vote to reinstate him that the relevant guidance in Welsh was not accurate

Because after the vote we were told. that online records of the Electoral Commission suggest that no one has access to the Welsh page is at the heart of the debate during the relevant period.

 Also it seems (  though not so well reported) that the Electoral Commission had 143 'hit' on the page in English during the same period,

So not only had  no one seems to have accessed the  Welsh Language site only 143 had accessed the English oneand some of those could easily be the result of an accidental search.

By my calculations there were 400 candidates in all for the  Welsh Assembly last May. So even if every one of the 143 were either candidates or if not them their  Agents or Part managers this does mean that only a small number were sufficiently worried about he rules to consult the website.

This in someways backs Aled Roberts position and I certainly would insist that the Welsh Language advise should have equal validation with the English, but it is  one thing to claim that for whatever reason you had not read the advice and another to claim that you were misled.If in fact you hadn't consulted it.

There were  further problems for the LIbDems when it emerged that that two more of their candidates served on public bodies whose members are barred from standing for the Assembly.Wyn Williams, candidate for Montgomeryshire, was a member of Meat Promotion Wales, while Stephen Churchman, who stood in Dwyfor Meirionnydd, was on the Snowdonia National Park Authority.

According to the Western Mail

."Commenting on the latest developments, Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams described them as “a huge administrative error” but insisted her party provided candidates with “robust support”.
“The Liberal Democrats did not do what we should have done,” she said, adding that candidates had been left “to their own devices far too much”.
So La Pasinoria whose leadership must be called into question admits to the poor quality of her Parties management. It is ironic that someone who is vocal (often admiringly so) on the inefficiencies of the Assembly Bureaucracy has forced to admit that the running of her Party under her watch is so bad that they have lost one of their more promising AMs and allowed another to survive because of the seeming wrong advice he may have not even read.

Peter Black may have moved on but he wreckage is still there.


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  1. shes more interested in herself and always will be, her own power and Black her willing puppy.
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