Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Labour gain Snatchwood seat in Torfaen

I must thank Britain votes because they did all the work:

:Torfaen council  Snatchwood ward
Lab 239,
Ind (MH) 161,
Ind (SJ) 41,
Ind (NH) 37,
Con 12,
PC 9.
Labour Gain.
This represent a god win for Labour who seem to be the Party making advances outside y fro Gymraeg where Plaid seem to be doing well..

With only 462 vote cast  according to a participant on Britain votes the electorate is for Snatchwood - 1,581 which I make a turn out of about 29% which is average for a by-election I think . So holding the election on a tuesday or even during the miners fortnight (remember)  that doesn't seem to have had much of a negative effect with regard the turn out .

Plaid 9% may reflect the fact that the candidate lived in Cwmbran well out of the ward and I would tend to support  a candidate  who lived in the ward or an ajoining one regardless of any preferred party. Why do parties do this? I'm sure even in this IT world people like their councilors on their doorstep.

But it does look like the brief period of the Peoples voice in areas like Torfaen and  Blanaeu Gwent  may well be over . Though its too early to write off Llais Gwynedd.

But they have been the minority partner in the Labour led administration (which never helps if the former are on the up) and  recently seen one of their councilors  Maria Graham leave the group to sit as an Independent.


  1. Reading those figures it actually looks like PC got 9 votes, not 9% o the vote. If so they should be very worried indeed, as should the Cons who only got 12 votes.

  2. WA.
    Yes sorry it is 9 votes about 2%