Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Give the Tories an inch and they will take a mile.

Once again there’s no response from Subordinate Central and Peter Black over the plans of their Tory bosses to  too cut universal childhood benefit, despite the Liberal Democrats' party conference a fortnight ago voting to maintain universal benefits.

Libcon Chancellor George Osbourne has of course picked  the perfect target for his first benefit cut The idea that are people who are receiving benefits they don’t need is almost as compelling as that there are people who are receiving benefits they don't  (in the eyes of the Tories) deserve.

I believe  that there may be some on the left who would find themselves in agreements with this. Believing the rich should pay more. However I most certainly do not agree that this should start with our welfare system., and if we need to raise money from those who can most afford it the answer is progressive taxation.

The idea of universal benefit means that this is a right we are all entitled to and means that  no one is seen as receiving handouts (as some of the Tory press protray  it. However  if these cease to be universal then it will not be long before  such benefits will be seen by the selfsame Tory press and Libcon ministers as going to the undeserving.

In reality this move to end even a small part of universal benefit  is the first step of the Tories to carry out what they always intended and that is to destroy the welfare state.

In that they using the call for cuts as an excuse, but reality it is more to do with ideology than need. Make no mistake this is the first of what will be the end of many universal benefits. It will probably be slow, but it will be relentless and if we do not act now by the end of this Parliament the dismantling of the welfare state will have reaches a level that will leave the most vulnerable defenceless.

And in this they are being helped by the Liberal  Democrat partners.Those who think voting against such cuts at their party conferences can ease their conscience are deluded. And those like subordinate centre and Peter Black who think they can avoid association by ignoring it in their blogs are due for rude awaking next may

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