Thursday, 7 October 2010

Aberavon And Neath Liberal Democrats get it a "Little" wrong.

I f you really want to know how the Liberal Democrats work. Just have a look at this on the Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats blog. In which they apologise for their attack on Labour MEP Derek Vaughn after cutting and pasting a newspaper report which wrongly accused Mr Vaughn of claiming money he was not entitled to.  Though it soon becomes clear Mr Vaughn was completely innocent.The post claims that they action was in good faith and obliviously believe that this will excuse them from such an appalling slur on the MEP.

I refer you once more to Insidious and his analysis of Subordinate Centrals attitude to blogging it seems their Aberavon and Neath Colleagues share their outlook/

The correction  was in the name of Frank Little who on the same day in his individual blog posted on Conservative and Labour dirty tricks during the General election. You got to admire his nerve (perhaps not).
So I can only say to Mr Little before you accuse others of throwing mud look at your own dirty hands.

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