Friday, 1 October 2010

Deputy Dawg sorry Clegg comes to Wales.

Deputy Prime Minister visited the Welsh Capital yesterday According to Betsan Powy’s BBC blog he was met with the words

"Welcome to Wales" "and greetings from my mother who voted for you ... to keep out the Tories"

Clegg told the Welsh Assembly to expect difficult times, but not look at the spending review as an ideologically-driven apocalypse.’

Of the spending review, Mr Clegg said "people should keep it in perspective".

What he meant of course was "we are going to do it and you better get used to it

UK Government departments have been told to prepare plans for making savings of between 25% and 40%.

This of course will affect Wales more because of it reliance on public centre jobs largely because the previous Tory government had destroyed our private sector and heavy industries.

But in they fantasy world the Lib-Con coalition will be relying on the private sector to provide work for the Thousands of public sector worker who will be made redundant.

A private sector that can’t do this now!

Protestors yesterday accused the Liberal Democrats of betraying "ordinary working class people" But can anyone really expect anything else from a Political Party who denounced early spending cuts before the General Election and now enthusiastically go along with it in coalition government.

He wouldn't be drawn on the plans for St Athan which must have concerned La Pasionaria, in whose adoration he spent the day basking in. But considering her constant support for the project, pointed out by myself and Welsh Rambling yesterday. She obviously asked him privately about the future for St Athan.

I wonder however if it is scrapped or greatly reduced will she condemn her Party leader in the same way she condemned (St) Vince at her Party’s conference. We will see.

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  1. let's keep out every fecker from visiting Wales shall we, lets stop migratory birds as well when we are at it