Saturday, 30 October 2010

Chris Huhne denies U Turn on Nuclear Power But only on Subsidies

I'm partly recycling a Blog, because the Liberal Democrats in the guise of Chris Huhne attempt to rebut accusations of a U-turn in on Coalition Nuclear Policy. Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats in fact brought my intention to this by pointing to a post on Liberal Democrat Voice where Huhne attacks “Myths” about his coalitions Nuclear Policy.

And he does rebut some myths but it reality all he is saying is that Nuclear Power Stations will not be built with government subsides.

He writes.

"First, the energy national policy statements, which are part of the new planning process, setting out the policy framework for decisions on nationally significant infrastructure. They create the need, in planning terms, for energy infrastructure to be built, thereby avoiding holding public enquiries on each individual project. The overarching energy statement estimates that about 60GW of new electricity generation will be needed by 2025, largely to replace existing power stations. It sets the aim of ensuring that just over half (33GW) is renewable, and as much as possible of the remainder is low-carbon: nuclear or fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage. The nuclear national policy statement limits the sites where new nuclear stations can be built to eight locations, all with existing nuclear stations.

Second, the ‘regulatory justification‘required under EU legislation whenever there is a possible of exposing the population to radiation. The government is required to examine new nuclear reactor designs and decide whether the possibility of exposure to radiation is justified by the benefits, in terms of, for example, energy security and low-carbon generation. We have decided that it is.

Third, the regulatory framework for ensuring that operators of new nuclear stations put aside enough money when the stations are operating to pay for the full future costs of decommissioning and waste disposal. There’s more detail to come on this topic later this year".

But this is the man who said

My  argument is that he has made a complete U turn on Nuclear Power and that what he has written about claiming to "debunk myths"is a red herring and is frankly ridiculous. It is the plan to build New Nuclear Power Stations that people mainly object to who pays for it is secondary.If he has  changed his mind then OK, but if has adopted a policy that he still believes is a “Dead End” then he is being hypocritical and dishonest with the public and by the same logic Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats are as well, if they believe that passing of such attempt to delude us is justifiable.

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