Friday, 8 October 2010

Empty Cabinets (of Welsh MPs that is)

The fact that no Welsh MP even those for whom the connection is that they represent a Welsh Constituency (which they will leave as soon as they retire or are defeated at an election) is a disgrace and if it wasn’t for the existence of the post of Shadow secretary of state for Wales ( which it seems none of the candidates wanted anyway) we might well have no Welsh MP’s in the shadow cabinet.

But, It is surely hypocritical of Peter Black (well what do you expect ) to gloat over of this. With 8 Conservative and 3 Lib-Dem Mps in Wales not one is a Cabinet minister in the Libcon government and even the Secretary of State job went to someone who does not represent a Welsh seat.

So in reality all three major parties have snubbed their Welsh MPs. There are 37 of them and the possibility that there could not be one in either the Cabinet or Shadow Cabinet. either points to their quality. but probably shows how unimportant these parties view our Nation.

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