Friday, 29 May 2020

Surge in support foe Welsh Independence Movement YesCymru

I must say I have been taken aback with number of Twitter Posts in which people have claimed that the response of the various legislatures during the  Corana-19  virus  has shifted them towards Independence 
It may have been expected  that the wind may have been taken out of the sails over the movement after a series of Independence Marches saw high attendances  but YesCymru found that it has  to postpone marches in Wrexham on 18 April, Tredegar on 6 June and Swansea on 5 September due to the pandemic.
Over 500 people have joined YesCymru in the last 5 days,” a spokesperson from YesCymru announced. “A massive thanks to each and every one of you!”

The number seems to rising with claims over 1000 have now joined this month

The cross-party campaign which fights for Welsh independence was believed to have around 2,500 members before the current rise.
These are some typical tweets over the last few days

Just officially became a member . Rich enough, smart enough, had enough
Flag of Wales
Flag of Wales
Flag of Wales

I've been in favour of Welsh independence for some time and now I've officially joined Change is needed for a better Wales, It's time that Wales is handed back over to the Welsh

Is there a potential tidal wave here, clearly the number of people joining has encouraged others to do so, how long this will continue

Oh and the numbers have just gone up as I have just joined. 

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