Friday, 15 May 2020

Nadine Dorries mildly censured , for sharing far right smear.

If a UK minster repeats  information which libelous against an opposition leader should this not lead to his or her sacking.

Health minister Nadine Dorries and two other Tory MPs have been ordered to "check the validity" of social media posts before sharing them.
Party bosses spoke to the MPs after they retweeted false allegations about Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.
Sir Keir said he was satisfied with the actions taken by the party and the MPs, who have deleted the tweets.
"There are more important things in the world to concentrate on than a doctored video of me," he added.
A Downing Street spokesman said: "These tweets have rightly been deleted.
It is not the first time Dorries had previously shared far-right disinformation claiming Muslim men can claim benefits from mutiple wives, confused two British-Asian women, claimed muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan had a responsibility for grooming in Telford and Rotherham and told an immigrant journalist to be grateful.

Yet she has been promoted though many would question whether it is deserved apart from the fact  and is seen as a ultra Johnson Loyalist.
it is not as if she doesn't understand the law. In April 2009, Dorries stated that she had commenced legal action following the leaked publication of emails sent by Damian McBride, Prime Minister Gordon Brown's head of strategy and planning, which suggested spreading a rumour that Dorries had a one-night stand with a fellow MP, in an email to Derek Draper, a Labour-supporting blogger. McBride resigned and Dorries denounced the accusation as libellous: "[t]he allegations regarding myself are 100 per cent untrue"] and demanded an apology[11] intent on exposing the Number 10 "cesspit
Brown subsequently said he was "sorry" and that he took "full responsibility for what happened" Dorries threatened libel proceedings against McBride, Draper and Downing Street but did not carry out that threat. McBride paid Dorries an undisclosed sum, estimated at £1,000 plus £2,500 towards her costs.
According to Left Foot Forward 
The tweet and edited video implies Starmer didn’t prosecute grooming gangs because their victims didn’t report abuse straight away, their stories weren’t consistent and because the victims had been given drugs and alcohol.
In fact, the unedited video shows that Starmer was explaining the damaging assumptions made by the police and Crown Prosecution Service in the past. “Those assumptions do not withstand scrutiny,” he said, as he announced new guidelines he called a “clean break with the past”.The twitter account which posted this video has recently said that more BAME people are dying of coronavirus because of a “lack of vitamin D” and because they live in “overpopulated shitholes”.Labour MPs Wes Streeting and Tonia Antoniazzi criticised Dorries and shortly afterwards she and Allan deleted their tweets and Caulfield deleted her account. None have apologised.Wes Streeting MP @wesstreeting
What’s revealing is that:
1. You’ve spread fake news and indulged a smear being promoted by the far right.
2. You had time to do this despite being a Minister in the Department of Health during a public health crisis.
It’s either malevolence or stupidity. Probably both. 
1,57110:17 - 14 May 2020Twitter Ads information and privacy 625 people are talking about this Miqdaad Versi, a spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain said he doubted these MPs would get the amount of negative coverage which muslim Labour MP Naz Shah “made a mistake” re-tweeting something.
Even though, she deleted it after eight minutes, there were dozens of articles and the Equality and Human Rights Commission publicly criticised her, he said.
The former chair of the Conservative Party Sayeeda Warsi has called for an inquiry into islamophobia in the party. She has said the party is institutionally islamophobic and that at least three of its MPs should be kicked out of the party.
The far right smear of Kier Stammar has been going on ever since he was elected and rose to prominence  on the Labour Benches and has been disproved time and time again.

Cynics would argue that many of those repeating it are fully aware this is untrue and it seems very strange that senior Tory politicians have not been informed of this.
The fact that Ms Dorries seems to have only  mildly censured by Tory bosses may well speak volumes of what opposition politicians may be facing in the future , as their leader Boris Johnson is exposed as the  incompetent , lazy and lying biffon he really is.

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