Saturday, 25 January 2020

Welsh "History" or Welsh "Studies" in Schools?

To be fair the criticism of Welsh Education Minister Kirsty Williams after her press statement on Tuesday, most oand her  the statement that “there is no such thing as a Welsh history – there are Welsh histories”.
As Aled Gwyn Williams over at Nation Cymru points out...
...Inevitably, the first part of that sentence made the headlines – appearing deeply controversial out of context.
In fairness, the minister’s wording left her message open to misinterpretation, and might have been better expressed as “There is no such thing as ONE Welsh history”. In that respect, the minister is right. see more here.

Only recently I have considered that I may have a form of dyspraxia, which may explain 50 years ago i only received one O'Level and that was in History.

But I do remember the Exam consisted of two sections one of which was Welsh History which you had to answer one but no more than two.

Later I was to attended Coleg Harlech  and one of the courses I took was Welsh Studies which covered History, Economics and Sociology.

Once again it was History that pulled me through and this was largely due to the Tutor in that subject  Neil Evans who personally helped me to at least make my essays legible to the extent I was the first student to use the college's computer to write my essays.

Believe me if you think this Blog has poor Grammar and  spelling written down it would me much worse for you.

I then went on to Aberystwyth were I did History, Welsh History and politics, choosing to do my full degree in History.

This does not mean I abandoned  Welsh History altogether as one of the courses was  Wales , Scotland, Ireland  and the Celtic state under the guidance of John Davies (Bwlch-llan).

I think that give me a wider aspect of Welsh History with the comparison to our Celtic cousins. 

But what of teaching Welsh History in Schools Today?

Perhaps we should reexamine of the Welsh Studies syllabus and look at covering more than History as a Welsh context .

Just examining Welsh History alone , we need to examine far mote in a "Welsh"Context we could have a general syllabus covering the likes of History, Sociology , Economics, Sociology, Politics and Literature form a Welsh prospective  at least at GCSE level and at least have a Welsh input into A level subjects including one day Law .

Welsh "History" or Welsh "Studies" we need to at least see that pupils understand their own nation.

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