Friday, 17 January 2020

Lisa Nandy is wrong about Catalonia , and is totally ignorant over Quebec.

It seems that there is competition among the Labour Leader ship Candidates to enhance their Unionist credentials.

A Labour leadership candidate has claimed that the UK should "look to Catalonia" for lessons on how to defeat Scottish nationalism.
Lisa Nandy made the comments as she argued that a "social justice agenda" could beat "divisive nationalism".
Hundreds of people were hurt when the Spanish authorities used force to try to stop the disputed independence referendum in Catalonia in 2017.
Nicola Sturgeon said people would be "mortified" by Ms Nandy's remarks.
And Scotland's only Labour MP, Ian Murray, warned all of the candidates in the party's leadership contest that they should not "come up to Scotland and talk about things that you're not quite sure what you're talking about."
In an interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil Show, Ms Nandy said that socialists across the world had been "beaten over and over" by nationalists.
She added: "We should look outwards to other countries and other parts of the world where they have had to deal with divisive nationalism and seek to discover the lessons where, in these brief moments in history in places like Catalonia and Quebec, we have managed to go and beat narrow divisive nationalism with a social justice agenda."
 Nation Cymru amongst others show how out of touch Ms Nandy  is over Catalonia.

But she's way of the mark over Quebec as well where the former leading sovereignist party  the Social Democrat Parti Québécois has been replaced in as the  majority in the  Quebec Parliament not by the Liberals or the New Democratic Party, but by 
Coalition Avenir Québec

It was founded by former Parti Québécois (PQ) cabinet minister François Legault and businessman Charles Sirois; Legault also serves as the party leader. The party membership includes both Quebec nationalists and federalists. Legault has said it will never endorse a referendum on sovereignty, but ore autonomy if necessary and has pursed a populist anti-immigration policy 

However CAQ is still regarded as a Nationalist Party in context of Quebec and Canadian politics.

Also in Quebec the left Québec solidaire made gains in the last election a remarkable amalgamation of numerous l eft wing parties and groubs  addition to advocating the independence of Quebec from Canada, the party's platform identifies with the concepts of environmentalismfeminismsocial justiceproportional representation and participatory democracypacifismaboriginal rights, and alter-globalism The party favours aboriginal rights, immigration, and human dignity, and opposes discrimination including racism, sexism and homophobia. QS describes itself as a sovereigntistgreenalter-globalizationist, and feminist party. It is the left-most of the four parties presently represented in the National Assembly.

Indeed QS are fighting a right wing Nationalism which does not seek Independence and seeking to establish a Socialist Independent Quebec.

Wrong on Catalonia , Wrong on Quebec  Ms Nandy exposes the narrow minded  unionism of the UK Labour Party and small wonder it has been defeated by the SNP in Scotland and hopefully Plaid Cymru in Wales.

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