Thursday, 23 January 2020

Ross England should have resigned been deselected before the Generla Election.

Ross England wants to quit as the Conservative assembly election candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan, BBC Wales has been told.
Mr England was suspended as a party member and candidate after it emerged his conduct as a witness led to the collapse of a rape trial.
The party said a "thorough investigation" will be concluded soon.
But local Conservative sources have told BBC Wales Mr England will stand down regardless of the outcome.
The aide was giving evidence in a rape trial in April 2018 when he made claims about the victim's sexual history, which the complainant denied.
A judge accused him of sabotaging the trial.
The evidence was not permissible in court, although Mr England denies knowing this when he gave evidence.
Mr England was suspended by the Welsh Conservatives 12 weeks ago.
Spencer Russell Downe, deputy chair of the Vale of Glamorgan Conservative Association, said it had been left "in limbo" because a decision on whether Mr England would remain as the candidate has not yet been taken.
Since then, three separate grassroots Tory sources have told BBC Wales that Mr England does not intend to continue as the candidate.
One of them said: "Ross is obviously fighting to clear his name and there's a process for all these things - but he is absolutely adamant that he's done nothing wrong.
"In any case, he has told us that he is going to stand down as a candidate and there will therefore be a process in due course for selecting a new candidate."
Lord Davies, Welsh Conservative chairman, declined to comment.

I remind you of the words of the Trial judge

"Mr England, as far as I am concerned, this matter so far as you are concerned isn’t ended. I shall be writing personal letters to people who are politically close to you and I hope they take appropriate action. Get out of my court.
Mr England should have resigned immediately  and whilst I accept that a Political Party must use due process it has been a while now and whilst Mr England has been suspended pending a party investigation, surely he should have been removed as a candidate or persuaded to resign.
Can we trust an internal party enquiry ?

A previous  enquiry found it "unlikely" Alun Cairns  had not been made aware of Ross England's role in the collapse.
The investigator said those involved said they did not inform Mr Cairns of Mr England's role, and there was "no direct evidence to contradict this".
Mr Cairns insisted he did not know the details of the case.
He resigned from the cabinet in November after the row broke out, just before the official start of the general election campaign.
A UK Government Cabinet Office investigation was launched following Mr Cairns' resignation from Boris Johnson's cabinet in November.
Sir Alex Allan, the prime minister's independent adviser on ministerial standards, has concluded that the evidence does not uphold the allegations against Mr Cairns.
In his report, Sir Alex said:
 "I find it unlikely that Mr Cairns would not have been told something about Mr England's role when he was told about the collapse.
"But all those involved state that they had not informed Mr Cairns of Mr England's role, and there is no direct evidence to contradict this.
"On that basis, I do not find that the evidence upholds the allegations of a breach of the Ministerial Code."
The rape victim told BBC Wales that she was "disappointed but not surprised" by the investigation's conclusion.
Reading Sir Alex judgement it seems that basically unless someone  admitted they informed Cairns (highly unlikely) he had no option to accept their word.
Did not the media also try and contact Cairns for a comment ? or was this not admissible?
However it seems to me that contrary to being cleared, Cairns has received a very reluctant verdict.

Would if Mr England he is cleared by his Party , (which is possible) consider the verdict of his friends to have more authority than the words of the Trial Judge

Breaking News it seems that the Tories have announced that Ross England is "No longer the candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan" we shall see.

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