Saturday, 16 November 2019

Have Gwlad Gwlad backed the Brexit Party in Llanelli?

The decision of Gwlad Gwlad to stand in the four of the seats that Plaid Cymru have stood aside is perhaps understandable

Nation Cymru report that

The party formerly known as Ein Gwlad which describes itself online as centre-right and pro-Brexit said they will stand in Montgomery, Brecon and Radnor, Cardiff Central and the Vale of Glamorgan.
Party leader Gwyn Wigley Evans, who is standing in Montgomeryshire, said that it was a difficult decision to stump up the £2000 to stand but that Plaid Cymru hadn’t left them with a choice.
“The idea from the start was that we wouldn’t stand for Westminster seats, but given that Plaid Cymru aren’t standing we want to offer people a pro-independence vote,” he said.
“We’ve been put in this situation. It’s an outrage that Plaid Cymru aren’t standing and we have to adapt to that.
“I just don’t see that Plaid Cymru supporters in Montgomeryshire are going to vote for the Liberal Democrats. It’s a step too far to ask them to do that.
“Jo Swinson has said that even if there’s a second referendum to stay in the EU and Leave win she will still campaign to stay in the EU.”
The party intends to stand in all the seats in Wales at the 2021 Senedd elections. However, Gwyn said that they would not split the pro-independence vote by challenging Plaid Cymru.
“We will only be attracting people who don’t want to vote for Plaid Cymru,” he said. “They are too far on the left for many people.
“They have said that they will refuse to work with the Conservatives after the election – will refuse to join a rainbow government.
“We formed when Leanne Wood was the leader and although I’m glad that they shifted back a little bit towards the centre under Adam Price they’re still far too left-wing.”

Gwlad, Gwlad have faced persistent accusations of being a far-right party, which they have denied.
Despite the party describing itself as centre-right on its Facebook page, Gwyn Wigley Evans claims that the party is neither left not right, citing the fact that they support both a Citizen’s Income and a Flat Tax.
Nation.Cymru asked Gwyn about a recent post on the party’s Facebook page praising the far-right Lega Nord and Brothers of Italy parties, and past praise for Hungary’s Viktor Orban.
“I haven’t seen that post on Facebook. And the person who praised Viktor Orban left a long time ago,” Gwyn Wigley Evans said.
“The people calling us far right are just keyboard warriors. They use the term fascist far too easily and freely. They are just trying to upset us but haven’t succeeded.
“The old idea of left and right has been crushed completely. The old traditional politics is never coming back.
“We are neither left not right. If an idea is good we will adopt it wherever it is on the political spectrum.
“We do however appose another Brexit referendum. The people have spoken and we should implement their decision.
“What we need now is Wexit – a referendum on Welsh independence. And once we have that we can have a second Brexit referendum and decide whether we want to be in the EU or not.
“We want independence for Wales, and end to the circus at Westminster, and an opportunity to look after our own nation.
“When I fly to eastern Europe I look out the window and see small independent nations everwhere. We’re the odd ones out. We could try it!”
Gwlad, Gwlad have also faced recent internal changes with the departure of previous chairman Gwilym ap Ioan and others.
A former member told Nation.Cymru that the party was “nearing death” and had less than 40 members when he resigned.
However, Gwyn Wigley Evans said that the departures would allow the party to change direction.
“There was a disagreement about the direction of the party,” he said. “They were more virulent than we wanted to be. They had history with Plaid Cymru and wanted to get even. It was too personal.
“We think Yes Cymru and Plaid Cymru are excellent. We want to work with them.”

However it does seem rather embarrassing that Sian Caiach  who may or not be a leading member of Gwlad Gwlad  seems to have nominated the Brexit Party candidate in the Llanelli Consituency.

Prehaps Ms Caiach who was only a year ago refuting tha the then Ein Gwlad was  a a Welsh UKIP? has completed another journey .

It could of course be anothe t Sian Caiach and she may no longer be a member or, but it could well be that Gwlad Gwlad , but if it is her then it seems a case of gross hypocrisy  to criticise Plaid  and then nominate a candidate for what is realityan English Nationalist  party.

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Leigh Richards said...

Blimey if that's the case that's quite a journey Sian has made over the years - and not a positive journey regret to say.

From plaid cymru and being part of a vision for a progressive independent Wales to the brexit party and being part of a ugly right wing british nationalist party which regards wales as a county of England ☹️

And what on Earth is a Gwlad Gwlad candidate - a party who have chastised plaid for not being Welsh nationalist enough - doing nominating a xenophobic Brit nationalist party?