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Even Gwlad Gwlad have candidates from outside Wales.

Of course you could and perhaps (indeed )should  get into deep water if you insisted that General Election and Senedd candidates should have some Welsh connection  and at the very least lice in Wales

But he news that a"A third of Conservative general election candidates for Welsh constituencies live outside the country".
"Official lists of candidates published by local authorities reveal that the Conservative candidate in 13 of 40 Welsh seats do not have a home address in Wales.That list includes target seats for the Tories, such as Cardiff North and Ynys Môn, where their candidates are listed as living in London.The Conservative candidate for Ynys Môn has the furthest to travel between her home in Kensington and would-be constituency at 297 miles.That’s closely followed by the candidate for Arfon who lives 260 miles away in the Enfield Southgate constituency and a Conservative councillor in West Suffolk standing in Arfon.Combined, the 13 Conservative candidates based outside Wales have 2,265 miles to travel between their homes and the constituencies they’re contesting. The full list is:
Constituency contestingConstituency of Home AddressDistance
NeathTewkesbury91 miles
Swansea WestStroud95 miles
Cynon ValleySalisbury112 miles
Cardiff CentralSutton Coldfield121 miles
LlanelliDevizes121 miles
Cardiff South and PenarthSpelthorne141 miles
Cardiff NorthEaling Central and Acton144 miles
AberavonBermondsey and Old Southwark181 miles
Alyn and DeesideHampstead and Kilburn212 miles
Dwyfor MeirionnyddWimbledon241 miles
AberconwyWest Suffolk259 miles
ArfonEnfield Southgate260 miles
Ynys MônKensington287 miles

I wonder how many Tory candidates in Scotland  are domiciled outside that Nation.

it is a complete insult and Four other parties are also fielding a smaller number of candidates who live outside Wales.

Five of the Brexit party’s 31 candidates in Wales live outside the country. Their candidates for Gower, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney, Wrexham, Cardiff North and Neath live in Wiltshire, North Shropshire, North East Somerset, Tonbridge and Hornsey and Wood Green respectively and one wonders how many in the seats that  Führer  Farage  has forced candidates to stand down come from outside
The Liberal Democrat candidate for Montgomeryshire is based in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.
The Labour candidate for Ynys Mon is based in Vauxhall and the Gwlad, Gwlad candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan is based in Bexley and Sidcup.Indeed  it is oddly the last one that that is perhaps the most preposterous , if you were to turn to the "Arsehole of the North's" Blog  where he covers the failings of al the parties failings in this election with unsurprisingly an emphasis on Plaid.
But for someone who appears to catty out methodical research (No one has sued him for libel") he seems to have missed the story that that Sian Caiach  who may or not be a leading member of Gwlad Gwlad  seems to have nominated the Brexit Party candidate in the Llanelli Consituency.
 Or as Nation Cymru tells us 

"A candidate for the Welsh nationalist party Gwlad Gwlad in the Vale of Glamorgan stood three times as a candidate for a party that wanted a referendum on Monmouthshire being part of England.Laurence Williams stood for the English Democrats party at the Erith and Thamesmead in the 2010 General Election and East Wickham council by-election in 2009.He also stood for the party on the South East Wales regional list in the 2011 Welsh Assembly election.Since 2007 the party have also put forward candidates in Monmouthshire, arguing for a referendum on taking the county out of Wales and into England.Among the party’s other policies in 2010 were doing away with the Barnett Formula which “institutionalises discrimination against the people of England by ensuring that public spending in Scotland and Wales is far higher per head of population”.Laurence Williams told Nation.Cymru however that he did feel Welsh and used to be a Plaid Cymru member.“My family left there [Wales] in 1888, and made their way to London, I’m simply ‘going home’, so to speak,” he said.“My association with the English Democrats some 11 years ago, after I’d left Plaid Cymru, was / is that they seek Independence from Wales and Scotland, thus Cymru and Alba would become independent by proxy.“I wasn’t happy about the Monmouth bit, but was expected to take an interest given my Welsh heritage. Once I’d read about King Henry VIII’s annexations, I knew only too well that Monmouth is Welsh. And so are Hereford and Shropshire!”Laurence Williams went on to stand in Old Bexley and Sidcup, where he still lives, as the Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” candidate for Member of Parliament in the 2015 General Election.The party’s manifesto railed against political correctness, saying it was “generating fear and division in neighbourhoods and communities”.He also stood as the Christian Peoples’ Alliance candidate for the London region in the 2014 European Elections, before going on to be the 2018 Liberal Party Candidate (not the Liberal Democrats) in the local government elections for Sidcup.Gwlad Gwlad have put forward three candidates in Wales at the General Election, standing in seats where Plaid Cymru have stepped aside as part of the Remain Alliance with the Liberal Democrats.They are standing in Montgomery, Cardiff Central and the Vale of Glamorgan. The party have been contacted for comment.
The "Christian" Parties  that Laurence Williams stood for are Far Right Nut Jobs, but it seems to me that Laurence Williams would join any party that let him stand.

Still its a very odd choice for Gwlad Gwlad and whilst you can expect the Tories to regard  Cymru as little better than an English County and Labour and Lib Dems seemingly so devoid of talent they have to look to London for candidate it seems odd the so called "True Welsh Patriots" to do the same.

Some of the above will probably win a seat , don't forget  a young Brighton solicitor  gaining the then Anglesey seat i1879 and could have held for decades if he hadn't He resigned his seat in 1987 following the revelation by the Labour Research Department that he had made multiple share applications in the BT offer (for which he was later convicted).

General election 1979: Anglesey
ConservativeKeith Best15,10039.0+15.2
LabourElystan Morgan12,28331.7−9.9
Plaid CymruJohn Lasarus Williams7,86320.3+1.2
LiberalJohn Gwynedd Jones3,5009.0−6.5
Registered electors47,726
Conservative gain from LabourSwing+12.5


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