Sunday, 7 July 2019

Boris Johnson wants to tell Wales how to spend its pocket money.

Like a rich uncle handing a ten pound note in front of his nephew or niece asking what they intended spending it on and demanding that they spend it on what he approves .Boris Johnson has told a Tory leadership hustings in should be a "strong Conservative influence" over how cash replacing EU aid is spent, 
The contest's frontrunner said he would match the cash Wales gets from EU funds - but suggested ministers in London should have a say in how it was used.
It suggests even if the tories were reduced to a rump in Cardiff Bay and presumably Holyrood in Edinburgh, they would still claim to manage Welsh finances.
EU economic aid is currently administered by the Welsh Government in Cardiff.
Under EU structural funds Wales would have received more than £5bn by 2020.
Mr Johnson said he would match Welsh EU cash. "There will be the full allocation of funds for Wales," he said.
"I think there may be some question about how exactly that money is dispensed, or by whom," he added.
"I would want to make sure that there was a strong Conservative influence on the expenditure of that £350m [per year], or whatever the sum is, to ensure that it delivered taxpayer value."
So  it seems that  Johnson will be intepetrating Prime Minister Theresa May   review  to examine whether the UK government's Wales Office should be beefed-up as a means to impose Alun Cairns and David Mundell on the Welsh and Scottish governments cabinet and vetoing any spending plans.

Indeed  it looks like that Brexit , will lead to  power being moved from the devolved legislatures  probably bit by bit and although neither Wales or Scotland look like voting Tory irrespective of that they will still tell us to follow their policies or face a cut in our pocket money,


Anonymous said...

According to the Times this morning - Alun Cairns' future is in the balance. Does BJ have someone else in mind as Welsh Secretary ? David Jones perhaps ??

DJ even more pro Brexit than AC.

East Neuker said...

He will also replace Mundell in Scotland, probably with ultra unionist zoomer Ross Thomson, who has been assiduously sucking up to him, and would do exactly as he was told by London with glee.
Mundell is awful and spineless, but Thomson is a self promoting piece of nastiness.
The Tories are going to go all out to crush the spirit of Scotland and Wales, and "bring them to heel"
As for NI, chaos looms.
From a Scottish perspective, it's either independence or total subjugation, and I don't know how many Scots have the stomach for resistance. I don't mean violence, at least I hope not, but civil disobedience will be needed.
It's social democratic Scotland in Europe, or possession and domination by an increasingly far right and nasty England. I'm sorry for the good people in England, and there are many, but we can't save them, they must save themselves.
Scotland will find it hard enough to extricate itself, even when the majority here definitely want too, and may fail to do so. If so, I fear for all our futures, and yours in Wales also.