Friday, 28 March 2014

SDLP should abandon Blue Labour and form a Nationlist Bloc With Plaid and SNP.

The number of Mp who voted against the welfare cap In the vote
 there were 13 Labour MPs  who voted against the Welfare Cap, including the two teller Thirty-eight Labour MPs abstained or were absent from the vote., as well as three Plaid Cymru, one Respect, three SDLP, and five SNP MPs (one absent).  Thirty-eight Labour MPs abstained or were absent from the vote. I believe  the Greens Caroline Lucus may well have  joined this small number prepared to stand up for some of the most vulnerable of our Citizens but she is of course involved in a court case over her arrest over an anti=fracking protest.

In Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland the only opponents were the Nationalist parties.

Which brings me to the SDLP  t Westminster  they have  ties with Labour whose whip they informally accept and when the latter is in government they will sit on the government benches.


Labour no longer supports an United Ireland and there is no real sign that they support further devolution of powers while Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom.

How can a"Nationalist Party" like the SDLP ally themselves with a party that attacks fellow Nationalist  in the way those putting forward project fear over Scottish Independence?

As they marched through the NO lobby maybe they should have looked at just who
their true allies are..

If Scotland does fall for Project Fear and there will be SNP MPs in the Westminster government . The SDLP should consider its position and whatever happens (unless there's a coalition)  remain on the opposition benches forming a Progressive Bloc with Plaid. the SNP and maybe the Greens.

There's no future in them in their relationship with Blue Labour

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cornubian said...

Often thought that. Their alliance is so clearly one of convinience rather than conviction. The SDLP should be alongside Mebyon Kernow, Plaid and the SNP in the European Free Alliance.