Sunday, 2 March 2014

Carmarthen are Plaid playing the long game?

There are some like Jaxxlander who believe Plaid blew it in the extraordinary meeting which had been called to discuss the findings of the independent reports by the Wales Audit Office into “unlawful” payment at Carmarthen  Council where they failed in their vote of confidence

Well you have to ask. Did Plaid want to win?

True if they had won and Labour  Kevin Madge  and Independent Pam Palmer had resigned the Lab/Independent group could have elected a new Leadership. But taking into account their timidity in questioning their leader over the scandal there does  not seem to be much caliber there 

We often see Independents claim that  they are free from"Party Poltics"  But is clear as they clung together to support a disgraced regime the Idea of them being Independent minded is  a myth.

You would have expected some to have shown a sign of Independence and break with their group even forming one of their own But they seem to be dazzled by Pam  Palmer and the rest of the leadership and join in the bunker mentality.

A Plaid led council would have had to do a deal with a about10 Independents most of whom would be tainted by the whole mess. So they may well be happy to wait for the next election

Indeed this seemed to be the message  of MP Jonathan Edwards  who also might be happy to see the row carrying on to the next Westminster Election

 Jonathan Edwards said: 

“When the Wales Audit Office reports were published almost a month ago, the Labour and Independent executive were intent on challenging the report findings and disputing the lawfulness of granting an indemnity to the chief executive.
“Today, having been dragged kicking and screaming, the council has voted to remove the indemnity from its constitution. This is something both I and AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas have pushed in Westminster and the Assembly for the best part of four years, and we're very pleased with that achievement.
“The council did not, however, vote to withdraw the indemnity already granted to the chief executive. I believe the council could still be liable for any costs which may not be recovered.
“The people of Carmarthenshire will find it deeply regrettable that the Labour and Independent councillors have shown no remorse today on their decision to spend the best part of £30,000 of taxpayers' money for the benefit of the chief executive's legal costs.
“It was clear to me during the meeting that councillors didn't vote with their conscience, but along party lines. They have not represented their electorate today. Members of the public, who are absolutely furious with the council leadership, will not forgive the 41 councillors for how they voted.
“The Labour Party and their councillors will be judged at the ballot box for their actions today in defending these unlawful decisions.”

Blatant Politicalsusubg?  Maybe but then Plaid are the only opposition there (byut  for a few) .

The biggest hypocrites must be|Labour and Conservatives the silence of their MPs  and AMs is defeaning.

But then  as Labour Councillors and Tory  are putting similar questions to Pembrokeshire Council it would be somewhat difficult to condemn one and not the otherfor them to speak out.

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