Sunday, 30 March 2014

Miliband offer Wales no new powers just "ending confusion".

According to the Wasting Mule .Ed Miliband vowed to give Wales greater devolution powers under a future Labour government

No he didn't.

What he promised the party's Welsh conference in Llandudno was Labour would legislate so that powers are assumed to be devolved "unless specifically reserved".

In other words his and the  present Government failed to legislate properly when devolving powers which has left Waled with 15 years of confusion.

Mr Miliband said:

“Labour has always believed in bringing power closer to people. And Labour in the Welsh Assembly has shown the huge difference that can make to people’s lives. But we know that the devolution settlement can be improved.

“We all remember what happened when Wales tried to keep the Agricultural Wages Board and protect vulnerable farm workers. It ended with the ridiculous spectacle of a Conservative secretary of state
Well that is wrong - and under a Labour government it will never, ever happen again.

“That is why I can announce that following the Silk Commission and the advice of the Welsh Government, the next Labour government will legislate to extend further the model of devolution for Wales under a new Government of Wales Act, with powers assumed as devolved to Wales, unless specifically reserved. Bringing Wales into line with Scotland - modernising and advancing the devolution settlement for generations to come.”
Briging Wales into line with Scotland  is anpt parity apparently no devolution Policing or Criminal Justice here .

So this is not more powers is making sure just exactly were the powers lie. Still you would wonder if he was UK PM and the Welsh government tried to go down a different path as they did with the Agricultural board. Would it be Owen Smith scuttling to the Supreme Court to try to stop the Welsh Government not simply following Westminster.

You Betcha

Still it's is a welcome though belated promise.

But it is not "greater devolution powers" its simply making clear where the powers lie.

Ed Miliband actually offered nothing except to clear-up
an anomaly which shouldn't have existed in the first place.

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