Friday, 7 March 2014

A curse on both your houses .

It seems that at least the build up to the next General Election, will see both Labour and the Tories using Wales as an example of what Labour can or can't do in government.

Recent Prime Minister question Time has seen Tory MP's from English Constituencies posing questions on failings in the Welsh Health Service.

Now the Wasting Mule  today announces that 

The Welsh Government’s 'poor' performance on delivering public services will play a major role in the Conservatives’ general election campaign next year, party chairman Grant Shapps has confirmed.
In an exclusive interview with the Western Mail, Mr Shapps said the Tories would point to “service failures” in Wales in policy areas like education and health, and warn people elsewhere in the UK what they could expect if Ed Miliband enters Downing Street.
 He said:
You can say to the rest of the UK, here is what happens if you get a Labour Government in at a general election and they don’t do what we did which is to protect the NHS budget in England and instead slash £800m off it.
“There hasn’t been an A&E target reached in Wales since 2009. People know they’re waiting longer. I was watching the 10pm news the other night and you saw people crossing the border to England to access services, even GPs, so they can get into the health system quicker. There’s clearly something going wrong with the way Labour run the NHS in Wales.
Interestingly the Mule also  reports that
The UK Labour party could look to roll out a flagship Welsh Government policy for its general election manifesto – as it seeks to hit back against a flood of criticism of the Welsh Government’s performance.
Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Rachel Reeves, suggested the Jobs Growth Wales policy, often held up as one of the Welsh Government’s success stories, could be replicated across the UK during a visit to Cardiff.
Ms Reeves had joined Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, Ken Skates, and Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms on the visit to Cardiff business IT firm Sapiens.
It came amid a brewing row over the alleged failings of the Welsh NHS and education systems, which UK Ministers have repeatedly pointed to as evidence of poor governance by Labour.
 Ms Reeves.  said:

“I think it is politically-motivated attack and I think that David Cameron, instead of criticising others, should get his own house in order.
“I see, as an MP in England, huge pressure on our national health service on our GPs’ surgeries, in A&E, in waiting times. We see huge pressure on school places in English schools. And David Cameron should be focusing on those issues, rather than trying to score cheap political points.
Without a doubt Plaid should immediately respond with   "A curse On Both Your Houses" and point the oddity that both Labour and the Tories seem to conducting ,if not their ideological battles (because theirs not much difference between sharp and Reeves) but one of administration.

Of course Wales is the only UK nation  to have a Labour Government  which quite frankly has done little to convince the likes of me that things will be that different if they and not the Con.LibDems were in power in Westminster.

Indeed for welsh voters we should look at Scotland where the SNP government seem to be running things better than either the Con/Libdems in London  or Labour
 in Cardiff.

The argument here should be that all tree major UK parties have proved that they are not to be trusted to govern Wales and the sooner all three are given the bot from out Nation the better.

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