Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Taliban Tendency take over Welsh Office.

Welsh Secretary David Jones  has decided not to appoint Glyn Davies as his Parliamentary Private Secretary instead he has chosen Daniel Kawczynski MP Shrewsbury and Atcham 

 A PPSs is  junior to that of Parliamentary Under-Secretary, which is a ministerial post, salaried by one or more departments. and they are not  members of the government, and all efforts are made to avoid these positions being referred to as such.. Instead they are considered more simply as normal Members. However, their close confidence with ministers does impose obligations on every PPS. The guidelines surrounding the divulging of information to PPSs are rigid.

As far as I can see  Kawczynski has no links to Wales except having a constituency on the boarder .

Daniel Kawczynski appointment by David Jones however may be as a result of both being members of the right wing Cornerstone Group once referred to as the Taliban Tendency by Conservative MP Alan Duncan and which new Parliamentary Under-Secretary  Preseli MP Stephen Crabb is also affiliated.

Other Membes i of the 40+ group nclude Edward Leigh,Bill Cash,John Redwood,Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries and no surprise  Monmouth MP David Davies 

Its name derives from the Cornerstone Group's support for three British  institutions: the Church of England, the unitary British State, and the family. To this end, it emphasises the UK's Anglican heritage (although some are looking to Roman Catholicism in view of increasing liberalism within the CofE), opposes any transfer of power away from the United Kingdom — either downwards to the nations and regions or upwards to the European Union — and seeks to place greater emphasis on traditional family structures to repair what has been termed as Britain's broken society, as well as calling for tighter levels of immigration into the UK

The Group can be summed up with its motto: Faith, Flag, and Family. which sounds like something from a quasi- fascist  1930 's  group and it surprising that the Welsh Media that the Welsh media have not questioned the Welsh Office seems to have been taking over by a group whose values seem so Alien to mainstream Welsh Culture .

Indeed they resemble the Anglo Centric Tories who have represented Welsh Constituencies in the past which Radical Wales have constantly rejected 

One can only speculate on what the other Parliamentary Under-Secretary Jenny Randerson thinks of this and  in reflection her appointment looks like a move to silence opposition to this right wing take over.

The only bright spark may be that we see Glyn Davies returning to regular blogging in his A View from Rural Wales and at least give us a Conservative view more in line with Wales.

We wanted a Welsh based Welsh Secretary I hope we are not going to regret what we were given.

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