Monday, 10 September 2012

Cliché corner "Team Wales".

New Welsh Secretary David Jones has  called for a ‘Team Wales’ approach came a day after Deputy Prime Minister accused First Minister Carwyn Jones of “blaming London for everything” rather than taking steps to stimulate economic growth.
“The Welsh economy can only be improved if there’s close cooperation between the government in Westminster and the government here in Cardiff,” he said.
“I had a discussion shortly after being appointed with Carwyn Jones, telling him we wanted to work closely with him and he reacted very positively on that.
“I think people need to get the right signals.
“Major investors are not going to come to a part of the world where they perceive tension between the national government and the regional government.
“That’s why it’s very important to adopt a ‘team Wales’ approach.”
Western Mail Sept 08 2012
I suppose we can expect more of this type of clichés based on the Olympics over the next few months .

The idea of all politicians working together seems an attractive one   . But in reality what Jones is saying to Carwyn Jones and other Welsh Politicians is don't argue with us and we 'l throw you a few crumbs.

The difference between the three main Westminster Parties is to close as it is already too small, with Labour in opposition making some overtures to the left but is  still clearly committed to the interest of "Middle England" and join in with the Coalition blaming the poor,unemployed and dispossessed for their predicament..

This was made clear when Mr Jones was a grillied by  a 17-year-old who could face homelessness without housing benefit as he made a visit to Cardiff

David Jones  defended the plan to slash housing benefit for young saying given the state of the country’s finances it was “necessary” to make savings.

He said:
“When the economy is as bad as it is and the country is so damaged, it’s necessary to make savings.”
“We are all suffering.”

Can he tell us how he and is family are  suffering

But the Coalition government are only carrying out the Welfare reforms that Labour stated whilst in power perhaps  faster and more drastically but the Blair government sowed the seed,

So maybe I'm wrong here? If the Welsh Parties like those at Westminster in reality only disagree for reason of opposition whilst in not in power though  they would pursue the same policies as the previous government  who in opposition would then oppose them . Then perhaps they should admit that there's  no real choice for the electorate amongst the main Parties and who ever is elected will not represent the less well off in our society.

To extend David Jones cliché the idea of "Team Wales" looks like gathering all the so called "elite" athletes together while the rest of us are not even allowed in the stadium.


Anonymous said...

'Team wales' ... erm, except Wales didn't have a team at the Olympics because the British nationalist Labour and Tory parties don't want one and our First Minister won't campaign for one.

There is no 'Team Wales'. There's a 'Team Labour', 'Team Tory' and 'Team GB'.

Wales doesn't exist.

glynbeddau said...

Fair Point. Anon 11:47