Thursday, 13 September 2012

Leighron neds to answer questions but back him on his action.

The  opposition Parties in the Assembly have weighed in in over the row over WJEC grading

Welsh Liberal Democrats Education Spokesperson, Aled Roberts  (rather Than Baroness Randserson) has called for the warring ministers Leighton Andrews and Michael Gove to step back...

"Rather than have the Education Minister, Ofqual and the examinations board engaging in institutional warfare, they must all sit down and work together for the best interests of Welsh students. Welsh students are not best served by this sort of twitter-based policy making and it is no way to reach a calm and moderate conclusion".
Is Tory equivalent  Angela Burns tried to shift the blame in to Leighton Andrews

She said: ...
“As regulator in Wales, the Welsh Government played an integral part in the GCSE situation. Its failure – along with the minister’s – is unashamedly ignored in this week’s hunt for headlines.
“The minister sets the curriculum, sets the exams and polices the system. It is vital that we have an independent regulator who can ring the warning bell so our young people do not have to face this situation again.
“It’s time Leighton Andrews was a little more honest with Welsh pupils and not only put up his hand to apologise for the distress caused but also admit it was not they who failed – but him.”

And Plaid Cymru  announce that Education spokesman AM Simon Thomas....
"has written to the Chair of the Children and Young People Committee, Christine Chapman, asking for her to recall the committee during recess so Assembly Members can scrutinise the actions of the WJEC and the Welsh Education Minister about the GCSE row."
Al three have a point and its their job to scrutinise  and we need to ask questions of the Minister particularly   in the disclosure that  English regulator Ofqual ordered exam board Edexcel )and by implication the WJEC) to make changes beyond what "might normally be required". and whether he was aware of this?

But in the matter of regrading the Assembly irrespective of Party should back Leightn Andrews against the "colonial" instincts of Michael Gove and and Ofqual.

He is the minister responsible for the WJEC and whilst they have the right to criticize Andrews they should not have the right to interfere in his decision.

This also includes Ofqual refusing to regrade those students  who took the Exam in England under the WJEC syllabus .. I doubt Ofqual would interfere in English Students who sat a Scottish Exam in England and they should accept that WJEC exams come under the Welsh Assembly whether they are sat.

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