Friday, 9 March 2012

Remploy Closures who started them? Er Labour.

You couldn't  help by help but be impressed by Swansea East MP Siân James, doing her Woman of the People act when addressing  the Swansea Remploy  workers who face the clpsure of  Fforestfach facilityon the BBC yesterday.

She said:
The Welfare Reform Bill has been law for just a week, and the Government's first action is to throw hundreds of disabled people straight on the dole.

 Her fellow Swansea MP Swansea West MP Geraint Davies said:

"I will be meeting with trade unions to organise resistance and protest against these proposed closures and raise questions as to whether it makes financial sense at all."There are few jobs in Swansea in manufacturing."The idea that these people can find alternative jobs is ridiculous."The economic evaluation behind the Sayce Review is not sound." 
Remploy employs 52 people in Swansea including 49 who are disabled. and this is part of the ConLib plans to close 36 of its 54 factories in the UK, putting more than 1,700 jobs at risk In Wales.the jobs of 272 workers are at risk as seven factories in Aberdare, Abertillery, Bridgend, Croespenmaen, Merthyr, Swansea and Wrexham are earmarked for closure. So once again Wales is hit particularly hard.

But its good to see that  Labour MPs like Siân James and Geraint Davies are standing up fpr the Disabled.

Well this time at least  Geraint Davies was an ex MP looking for a new seat in 2007 but James was a member of the Labour Government when  a closure programme was announced in May 2007, resulting in the closure of 17 factories, including  the one in Treforest Pontypridd . About 2,200 disabled people were affected by the changes to the government-funded company. .

So the Plans are only a continuation of a programme which the previous Labour Government had approved of .

So why is a an announcement by a ConLib minister on the closure of Remploy factories in 2012 any different from the announcement of a Labour Minister on the closure of Remploy factories in 2007?

Well the answers obvious . I suspect Siân James is one of the Labour polticians who is enjoying herself in opposition . Where she act as the champion of the working class and condem the wicked Tories and not worry about the fact that when in power her Party behave in exactly the same way.
The sad thing is that a large number of the Welsh electorate will turn to Labour as they put their cloth caps back on despite the fact that in their hearts they will be betrayed by these Labour MP and candidates once they get their bottoms on the Goverment Benches againthough it seems along way off. 

As I type I can here the Who's Roger Daltry belting out the classic "Won't get fooled again" (but we will of course).

Its not only Labour MP's who are being Hypocritical in Sept 2007 Nick Clegg gave a passionate speech against the closure of a local Remploy factory in Sheffield.

So support Remploy Staff. In Opposition sack them when in Government and Politicians why ask we are so cynical?


  1. maen_tramgwydd9 March 2012 at 11:21

    You are right to expose the hypocrisy of the Labour party in Wales.

  2. Have a pop at Labour by all means, but at least they are making a show of solidarity with workers. Where is Bethan Jenkins, one asks?

  3. maen_tramgwydd9 March 2012 at 19:35

    Ap William:

    "...making a show..." about sums it up.

  4. Ap William.

    I don't know where Bethan Jenkins was but from experience she may just have not been reported. She's been frozen out by Union-Labour collaboration before.

    But my piece was about Labour mainly .You can't show "solidarity with workers" when in opposition when you dumped on them only four years earlier when in power.

  5. Bethan Jenkins was at the Remploy rally 14 April Saturday in Castle Gardens, Swansea city centre. I know because I was there. She spoke for the need to defend their jobs. Labour councillor David Phillips, now leaser of the council, also spoke but did not say one word to the Remploy workers who had marched and were standing in front of him. He just read off the labour local manifesto. This was the Saturday before the postal votes went out. I thought his behaviour was an absolute disgrace to people who had physical and learning disabilities. Patrick