Thursday, 22 March 2012

How LibDems politics work in Wales.

If you want to see the Welsh LibDems take on the Budget you can see La Pasinaria's trying to grab at Straws on  Freedom Central here.

But Basically as with most LibDems they will be trying to salvage something from "The Rich Man's Budget"

and so..

Picking one measure that we all can agree on  Whilst Ignoring the 50p cut for Millionaires, The threat of Pay cuts in areas like the DVLC through regional pay and the appalling stealth tax on pensions won't work. 

And isn't the problem Low Wages rather than Income Tax?. Crowing that 

"Income  tax cut will benefit thousands of low and middle income workers in Wales".  Is just an admission  that we are a country of low paid workers which will increase if the Con/LibDems have their way with regional pay . Unless the Welsh Assembly can control it.
La Pasionaria  and the rest of the LibDems can't cherry pick polices coming from the Coalition Government at Westminster and claim that they are backing the poorest in Wales.

Of course as the Leader of a federated Party she could maybe in theory order her three Welsh MP's to vote against the Budget but then her Leadership and influence stops at the border.

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