Friday, 16 March 2012

More on "Leanne Wins".

The actual number of votes in the Plaid Election are intresting

In the first round of voting, Leanne Wood won 2,879 (47.66% ) votes to Elin Jones's 1,884 31.19% and Dafydd Elis-Thomas's 1,278. 21.15% (Total 6041)

As no candidate had more than half the votes, Lord Elis-Thomas was eliminated and the second-preference votes of his supporters were redistributed, giving Leanne Wood 3,326 55.06% votes and Elin Jones 2,494 41.28% Giving Leanne a majority of 832. (Total 5820) Giving Leanne a majority of 832. . So 221 of D.E.T. supporters made no second preference.

The number of votes cast is not a bad number for a Welsh Leadership election and it reflected it that Plaid seem to have published them.

In the Welsh Conservative elections last year Andrew R.T Davies beat rival Nick Ramsay with 53.1% of the votes in a party election which had a 49% turnout. The victory it seems was 153 votes. Which suggest the number voting was much less than Plaids.

Meanwhile the media. seem to have concentrated on the fact that Leanne was once thrown out of the Senate for calling the Queen of England Mrs Windsor. I thought Betsan Powys was particularly negative when reporting to her London bosses on the mainstream 6 O'clock News. Though her Blog is much better. Whilst Vaughan Roderick on Dragon Eye last night give an excellent analysis particularly in pointing out that Plaid members in areas in Caernafon can be as Left as those in the Rhondda.

The rest of the Media apart for the (Independent and the Guardian ) seem to have ignored the result . 

I was particularly annoyed with this afternoon's  Daily politics . I though for a moment that when presenter Jo Coburn  announced . "There has been a leader ship contest you may have missed" she was going to refer to the Plaid  Leadership but it turned out that it was on the leadership of the Tories in the European Parliament and Plaid's failed to be mentionedat all.

It wasn't as if they were pressed for time . They spent part of the programme discussing whether the public should pay £15 to climb the Big Ben Tower..

Hopefully as Leanne develops her plans they will resonate throughout Wales but through the whole sphere of British poltics. After all with the three main parties based in London trying to out-right each other . Her's may not only be the voice of the Progressive Left in Wales but the only left voice in mainstream British poltics.

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