Thursday, 15 March 2012

Leanne Wins

Congratulations to Leanne . Let us hope she can carry on with the same zeal that she brought to this contest

Hat tip to Syniadau for being first of the Block . It seems Wales Home attempt to Live Blog the result crashed though.

First preferences:
Leanne ... 47.66%
Elin ... 31.19%
Dafydd ... 21.15%

Second preference

Leanne ... 55.06%
Elin ... 41.28%
A emphatic enough victory almost won it on first preference. 

I believe Plaid have made the right choice and we might just be seeing the start of a new exciting era in Welsh Politics


  1. Yaaaayyyyy!!!

    (Can you tell that I've been out celebrating?)

  2. Suggest you do a spell check/typo change pronto - otherwise someone is going to pick up on Leanne's election as being an "exiting era" for Plaid. Good choice though.

  3. Thanks Shambo .I think I tied to get the news out to fast.