Thursday, 8 December 2011

Peter Black Censors Debate.

On the fourth of December Welsh Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black posted on Subordinate Central about the failure of the UK Department of Education to provide a bilingual version of a letter they sent out to teachers in Wales.

He then went on to make a further comment on his own personal Blog on this an I used the opportunity (as I have in the past) to comment on this stating....

"You criticism of the DOE would have more value if the Liberal Democrats in wales published all their election leaflets for example bilingually.
Was your correspondence last May fully Bilingual. Many of your colleagues failed to do so.
By all means point out these failings but also address your own"
T o which Peter replied......
The DOE are subject to the Welsh Language Act, we are not. We produced our leaflets as appropriate for the communities concerned.

I didn't think this was sufficient enough an answer and attempted to post a comment on my belief which I have often stated that Political Parties should set an example and have a moral duty to provide fully Bilingual Literature in their election campaign before they crticised others.

I was disappointed when Peter failed to publish it but I was prepared to move on when I read the following exchange on the same post.....
Regrettably, Peter, from your decisions to censor/withhold comments, we now know what a total hypocrite you are.
You can take both the 'liberal' and the 'democrat' out of your description.
 posted by maen_tramgwydd : 9:56 PM.
 Peter respose was
I refer you to the moderation guidance and in particular those parts that refer to 'off-topic', repetition and boring.
# posted by Peter Black : 8:20 AM.
I suspect that  maen_tramgwydd a regular and insightful (Who I do not always agree with) commentator on the Welsh Blogosphere had made a similar point as myself and I attempted once again to post on the moral duty of the Libdems  to publish fully bilingual leaflets but he has so far not published it.

Some may argue that he has a right to put what he likes on his Blog but Peter Black is an elected politician who uses his Blog to further the cause of his Party and he should publish criticism of his stance.

Blogs are an open forum not a propaganda  sheet.

Yes by all means censor racist or potentially libelous comments but to use 'off-topic', repetition and boring. as an excuse amounts to accusing you of being a Troll (someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion..)

If Peter wants to accuse me of this fine but quite frankly I don't see pointing out the Hypocrisy of his and his Parties position on Bilingualism is a valid criticism and amounts to censor ship because he can't handle the truth.


  1. I asked Peter a number of questions regarding the LibDem's policies on the Welsh language, and their implementation.

    He did not publish my questions and comment, which certainly weren't inflammatory in any way.

    He did publish my response which you quote above.

    In his topic he criticised the treatment of the language by others, but was not prepared to explain his and his party's policies regarding it. I find that deeply hypocritical.

    His blog guidelines are a means of justifying unjustified censorship. Those who comment on it should be aware that he is very selective in what he publishes.

  2. Thanks for clarifying your position maen_tramgwyd Though it was what I suspected.
    It is clear that he realises he can't defend LibDem policy on Bilingualism so makes sure to dilence those who challenge

    In the future I will be saving a copy of any comment I made on Peter Blacks blog and if he fails to do so I will publish them here