Monday, 5 December 2011

It seems £500 is enough to sway Scots.

It appears from a recent survey  that  two thirds  of Scots would back Independence if they believed it would make them £500 better off,,

But only one in five would want to go it alone if it meant a £500 a year reduction in living standards.

The findings suggest the economy will be key in the run-up to the SNP's referendum, expected in 2014.

I respective of this, overall, 32 per cent of voters said they were in favour of independence,, the figure is the highest recorded by the Scottish Centre for Social Research since 2005, when it stood at 35 per cent.

Support bounced back from a low of 23 per cent last year.

This shows that the key to a yes vote will be the SNP convincing the Scottish Electorate that they will financially be better of asan Independent Nation.

This would seem obvious but the fact that only £500 a year increase in their pocket points to Scots needing very little in a incentive to vote yes especially if 20 per cent  were willing to see a decrease in income as the price to pay for an Independence Scotland and points to a solid bse for the pro-independence body.

The poll showed that, at present, 34 per cent think the economy would perform better if Scotland split from the UK, while 29 per cent think it would do less well. 

Of course the Unionist argument will be that in this time of uncertainty  and the UK moves to recession then this is not the time to risk leaving the Union though of course the argument in the time of financial boom was also that this was not the time to risk leaving the Union.

I'.m still unconvinced that the SNP can win an Independence referendum bit if a Devomax option was included I think there would be a substantial majority.

But over the next few Months the economic argument will be crucial as both sides will produce figures to support their argument . Though economics seem to be a subject that you can find a expert to support your position on the benefits or otherwise  at the drop of a hat.So it may simply come down to the heart ruling the head and people voting purely on a Nationalist or Unionist  instinct.

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