Friday, 23 December 2011

Is Peter Black about to "Do an Oscar"?

Peter Black, seems to be defending the Westminster ConLib government on a regular basis these days . In a recent post he attacked Plaids Jonathan Edwards  for daring to suggest that  changes to the housing benefits system for the continuing rise in homelessness.

Despite the fact that charities like Crisis were a;ready warning in June  that  government attacks on Housing would have  a  malign effect on the poorer members of Society .

Claiming  the government's own figures Cris have claimed  that almost one in five of the 62,500 people in England, Scotland and Wales affected by the proposed extension of the Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR) have a disability.
From 1 January 2012, single people aged 25-34 will only be able to claim housing benefit based on the cost of a room in a shared house rather than a modest one-bed flat, bringing them into line with existing rates for people under 25. The average loss will be £41 a week. 
This will force many disabled people into housing that is inappropriate for their condition, said Crisis.

 And thats just the disabled

Figures  shows the restriction of Local Housing Allowances - which are currently based on the median rent in an area - to the 30th percentile of private rents will affect 774,970 households across the UK, who will lose an average of £9 a week.

New limits on the amount paid according to the size of a property, including a cap of £400 a week on a four bedroom house, will affect fewer households more dramatically. A total of 21,060 will lose on average £74 per week
Peter response was that amendments were being made in the House of Lords were some changes may be made. stating that 
"The political games being played by Plaid politicians on this issue do not help any of the families who have lost their home. Instead we need to concentrate putting appropriate support services into place throughout Wales and increasing the supply of affordable housing"
Peters seems to be of the opinion that when his leader La Pasionaria raises an issue that the Welsh Government rightly  need to look into she is providing  positive and constructive opposition .Whilst any one who criticises the Con/Lib coalition disastrous policies on welfare are being opportunist.

With the LibDems facing electoral meltdown next May in the local government elections and languishing in the polls where in the next parliament, they may find they have more AMs than MPs .Can it be long before Peter decides his future lies with the Tories rather than the sinking ship that are the Liberal Democrat?

Is this why he seems to have shifted to the right recently?

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  1. "Is this why he seems to have shifted to the right recently?"

    The LibDems face in every direction at the same time, yet don't know which direction they're going. They're actually headed in the direction of Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan with a bit of help from Dave and George.

    They're facing meltdown electorally, and deservedly, I might add, as you rightly say.

    Peter Black has an opinion on everything, yet what has Swansea achieved since he's been a elected as an AM for the region, and the city has been led by a LiBDem Council?

    Swansea is a shambles, created by Labour and sustained in its role as a third class city by Peter's party and a rag-tag bunch of independent councillors.

    The LibDem's policy used to be federalism for the UK - essentially Home Rule for Wales. That seems to have vapourised quickly, and the party's unionist credentials are often plain to see in Peter's comments. Wales is to remain under abysmal London-rule for ever, and to continue its ever downward spiral.

    He might be described as the party's windbag in Wales, but perhaps that might be a little unkind at this Christmas time. He definitely could lighten up a bit.

    Doubtless my comments won't be viewed with favour if he reads this, and I'll be a persona non grata on his blog.

    Compliments of the Season to you, Glyn.