Tuesday, 15 November 2011

We cannot depend on Scottish Voters.

Delivering a lecture on the future of devolution at Aberystwyth First Minister Carwyn Jones , has suggested.he Welsh Assembly should get wider powers if Scotland votes for independence,

He said Wales' relationship to the rest of the UK would need a "radical reconsideration" if the Scots back independence at a referendum.

Independence or full fiscal autonomy would make the UK very different, he said in a lecture in Aberystwyth.

But he said further devolution for its own sake did not appeal to him.

Is this where Labour are in Wales or West Briton as they seem sometimes to regard it.

Is he really saying that any change to Devolution in Wales depends on the votes of people in another Nation? Surely the impetus should be coming from inside Wales?

And Carwyn could well be wrong. When the Irish Free State was created in 1922 , the concept of " Home Rule all round " which was advocated bt the Liberals and indeed the Labour Party  in the period prior to this died almost overnight and necessitated the creation of the  Plaid Cymru (1925 and SNP (1934).

And this may happen again . I f by the time The Scottish People vote for Independence or (I think more likely) some form of Devomax, the Welsh Assembly have not at the very least has Policing and Law and Order devolved to it. Then dominated by an London based Media and totally outnumbered at Westminster the attitude from there  may well be that there is no way Wales will be allowed to go the way of Scotland.

Clearly taking Carwyn Jones position then there will be no further calls from Labour for more powers to be devolved in the current Assembly. The Conservatives under R.T. (Homer) Davies, have reverted to crude Unionism and the Libdems under La Pasionaria,  seem to be content simply  attack on the easy targets for any Opposition the NHS and Education.

Which leaves Plaid. Who whilst they have committed themselves  to Independence need to look at the current Assembly and start drawing up list of powers they  feel should be devolved now.

Whilst some Nationalist seem to think that Independence should be the only option for the Party. There is no reason why it can't embrace those who feel that although they do not fully support this position would like to see a Devomax Parliament in Wales.We can argue about going further (and for the record I think we should) later.But we need to start now and certainly not wait foe events in Scotland to take their course.

To be fair the long leadership campaign has not helped and the lack of AMs willing to throw tier hat in the ring means we have not yet seen any really debate within the party. 

Any future  coalition deal between Plaid and Labour  should include a commitment to the Assembly becoming a full Parliament or at the very lest control over Policing and Law and order. Oh and how this body is elected.

Nevertheless with a Labour Administration lacking an overall majority Plaid should already be wringing concessions from Labour  and it could well be the current Budget stalemate  means this is already happening but just as Plaid have clearly upped thier game with their attacks  Welsh Governments inertia over using the legislative powers that we voted for last March they must see that any Welsh Government seek further powers not as Carwyn said for the "Sake of Devolution" but for the sake of Wales.

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