Saturday, 26 November 2011

Arab Spring reaches California.

This is not Cairo or Damascus but California USA. Whats the difference?

Wheres the outrage from the Media in the UK?  If you haven't seen the story then

A US university has suspended two campus police officers over the use of pepper spray on students at a peaceful protest on Friday in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Video of the incident shows police blasting seated protesters in the face with the chemical at close range.

The chancellor of the University of California, Davis, who had called in the police, criticised the use of pepper spray on the protesters.

However, she says she will not resign.

Ironically The demonstration was intended to show solidarity with protesters at another branch of the University of California, in Berkeley, who were hit with batons by police on 9 November.

The footage of the pepper spray incident, which has been circulated widely on the internet, caused outrage among students.

The protesters are seen sitting in a line on the floor with their arms interlocked, refusing to move.

The violence was unprovoked, disproportional and excessive”Davis Faculty Association statement

They try to cover their faces as officers in riot gear walk along emptying canisters of the spray on to them.

It seems that once again the West has dual standards .


  1. Are 'Campus Police Officers' actual police officers or some kind of private security outfit?

  2. They appear to be a mixture of both. "Sworn Police Officers" and security guards.