Friday, 18 November 2011

Ruabon: Labour gain seat by one vote.

Labour took the Ruabon Seat of Plaid by just one vite Yesterday the result was
Dana Davies (Lab) 231
Pol Wong (Plaid Cymru) 230
Andy Kendrick (Ind) 155
Adam Owen (Tory) 59

This compares with the 2008 Election in which Plaid gained the seat from Labour
Nick Coulbane (Lab)184:
Andy Kendrick (Ind) 248:
Barrie  Price  (Plaid Cymru)  337:

However  if we look at the 2004 Election we can see that This was a seat Labour has a big lead over Plaid and had taken the seat of an former Labour Councillor standing as an Independent.

Michael Adams (Lib) 76
Nick Colbourne (Lab 289
James Kelvyn (FW) 75
Barrie Price 140 
Cyril Williams (Ind) 207

So whilst there must be disappointment amongst Plaid in Wrexham especially losing by one  vote it must be encouraging for the three remaining Councillor who face reelection next May, and  through the  high profile through the Plaid Wrecsam Blog which I'm sure most of you would agree is one of the best Council party group blogs not only in Wales but in the U.K. may will see them comfortably reelected. Though they may not be able to increase their numbers if Labour carry on riding the tide of anti Tory cuts.

But Plaid in Wrexham like the Party throughout Wales need Plaid to sort its act out on a Wales and increase its exposure of the lethargy of the Labour Assembly Government. Certainly isn't about time for those seeking the leadership of Plaid to throw their hats in the ring?

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  1. I'm not sure about this analysis. No axe to grind but Barrie Price had a good local following. He showed a lot of integrity over the proposed Wynstay development at Ruabon. I think Plaid will struggle to improve in Wrexham next year. Plas Madoc did not help.