Monday, 15 March 2010

Where I stand.

  • I am a Socialist: In that I believe that everyone should have an equal opununity in life and that the gap between the rich and poor is obscene.
  • I am a Libertarian: In that I believe that individual Human Rights are irrevocable and this does not clash with the above. Socialism means more freedom not less.
  • I am a Nationalist: In that I believe Wales should take its place in the World in the same way countries such as Latvia and Lithuania have.

  • I am an Internationalist: In that I support the surrendering of some measures of sovereignty to both the EU and UN in the hope that this will promote greater cooperation between nations.

  • I am a Republican: I find the Idea of Hereditary titles and the idea that I should call someone in the 21st Century, your Majesty, Lord, Lady, Sir or Dame is abhorrent abolish the lot.

  • I am Green: We must all work together to save our Planet. However the solution is not living in a small holding in West Wales we all can’t do this.

  • I support the Welsh Language: Although a moonlit English speaker I believe it should have official status and equality in Wales.

  • I believe in Peace: And reject violence whether by terrorism or nation states. Although I did not always agree with him. Gwynfor Evans’ pamphlet “Non-Violent Nationalism” which was published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation is one of the biggest Influences on my life.

    I hope over time to expand on these and join in the debate.

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