Sunday, 21 March 2010

A progressive Alliance?

The SNP managed to gain some publicity over Alex Salmond’s claim that a hung parliament would be good for Scotland (and by implication Wales). There may be a danger in this as the London Media as already shown by the Today programme will be portraying the Welsh and Scots as greedy Nats and so encouraging those in England to vote for either the Tories or Labour.

There is a possible solution to this. The Plaid and SNP can show themselves as protectors of the vulnerable throughout Britain: but in this they should stress that they need allies.

I have met people in England who bemoan that they do not have a progressive left party as we in Wales in Scotland have to vote for. However the option to vote Green is there and I am sure many Plaid and SNP will be hoping for a Green victory in Brighton and Norwich.

It is too late for a Nationalist Green Pact; but there is the opportunity stress how the parities cooperate in the European Parliament and that they would form a similar ad informal grouping in the next Parliament.

I must ask. Is it not time the SDLP in Northern Ireland join the Celtic block instead of sitting on the Government benches with a Unionist party?

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