Saturday, 27 March 2010

Heledd in the Sun

Heledd Fychan's blog Pendroni calls Albert Owen, a Snob because he calls for the Sun to be banned and she then makes a bizarre defence of the paper based on the fact that a large number of people read it. I would support Heledd if she accused Albert Owen and the Labour party of hypocrisy as they had basked in the Sun’s support (no pun intended” after Tony Blair had done a deal with Murdoch in 1997 and we still not sure what was promised or given and neither do we know what Cameron has offered Murdoch but there is an inkling in the Tories plans for the BBC.

Heledd, the Sun is a nasty paper which whilst I can’t call it racist it gives succour to racists and panders to people’s basic instincts.

It tells lies and half truths in the safe knowledge that it is safe from prosecution or censure because both the PPC and the political establishment are afraid of News International.

If you want to see what will happen to our news after the election look at Fox in the USA. If the Tories win the next election we will in no doubt be seeing Sky news emulating Fox.

If you think celebrity gossip and the hurt it can do to some people, with its half truths and sensationalism then I only hope it doesn’t happen to you.

In fact it probably won’t but if you had made a spirited attack on the Sun and News International you may well have found yourself on the wrong end of a Sun attack in wouldn’t matter if you have no skeletons in your closet they will only make it.

Please think about this again Helydd and ask yourself what is the Sun for?

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