Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wallandar and Wales

I am a big fan of Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels and really enjoy the BBC seies starring Kenneth Branagh. However I personaly prefer the Swedish version with Krister Henriksson who gives a more realistic preformance of the angst ris detective. I do see a paradox in that if the BBC had not spent the reported £6 milion on the first series alone we probably would not have been atracted to the Swedish Version.

Maybe it’s partially due to the fact that I am an English speaking Welshman who is well used to watching subtitles on S4C that I am comfatable with watching subtitled programes in other languages.

Two of my favorite films are Amelie with th brilliantAudrey Tatou and Sophie Scholl a film about one of the courageous youn girls in history.

This brings me to my point Swedidh television have also produced the Van Veeteren stories by Håkan Nesser, Based on the Wallander series it sprobably worth seeing.

Could’t S$C buy this and subtile it in Welsh and English itcould raise S4C profile and male Welsh more Intenational It could even attract viewers fron outside the UK. Is this agood idea or doesi go contra to S4C’s remit.

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