Tuesday, 2 April 2019

When Wales needs leadership we get Mark Drakeford .

One of the disastrous outcomes of the three years of Brexit is the complete failure of the leadership of Labour in the UK under Jeremy Corbyn and in Wales under Carwyn Jones/Mark Drakeford  in Wales to provide leadership.
All we have is Jeremy Corbyn who claims to have "a cunning plan " and Mark Drayford who seems to have no plan whatsoever.
Well until now 
According to the BBC
Labour MPs must set aside their own "personal red-lines" to find a compromise in order to resolve the Brexit deadlock, according to Wales' first minister.
Mark Drakeford said MPs need to find agreement on a way forward that is not "necessarily their top preference".
MPs will hold further votes on Monday night on Brexit alternatives.
Theresa May's EU withdrawal agreement was rejected by the House of Commons last week for a third time.
The first minister also dismissed the idea of the prime minister asking MPs to vote on her Brexit deal for a fourth time.
 Had she been defeated narrowly the first time there was a case for her saying that she could try and persuade more people and bring them over," Mr Drakeford said at his monthly press conference in Cardiff.
"What does it take for that message to get through to her that her proposition cannot and, I believe, will not secure a majority?
"She must move, just like everybody else must move ... to find a place where that majority can be secured," he added.
In an attempt to force the government's hand, MPs will hold their second non-binding vote later on a series of options to see if any of them can command a majority in Parliament.
Mr Drakeford did not recommend MPs back any of the specific options available to them in today's indicative votes.
He said he would welcome "any step" that shifts government policy towards the soft Brexit outlined in a joint Labour-Plaid Cymru white paper in 2017.
 Plaid Cymru's international relations spokesperson Delyth Jewell AM said it was "simply unacceptable" for the first minister to refuse to "tell the public which options he's advocating".But Mr Drakeford said he had been "clear and consistent" that another referendum should be called if the House of Commons cannot agree.
Mrs May's "manoeuvring" had made a general election less likely, he said, even though it was the "constitutionally proper" way to solve the crisis.
He added: 
"I understand that Labour's handling of things at the Westminster end has been frustrating to a number of our members, who are very committed to finding a way of not leaving the European Union or having a very close relationship with the European Union.
"Just as I know that if you knock doors in Labour-supporting areas that voted powerfully to leave, there is a frustration there that Labour hasn't delivered on the instruction - as they would put it - that we were given."
To some extent i can understand both Mr Drakeford 's and his predecessors reluctance at first to go against the "Will of the People" considering Wales alongside England voted Leave.

However  as Theressa May's government began to make an omnishambles  of the whole procedure as she seemed to get her Brexit means Brexit from the owners of UK Tabloid Newspapers, he should have strengthen  his alliance with the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Now that's a leader) and work with other parties to see that any proposal including REMAIN put back to the electorate.

There has always been a suspicion that like Jeremy Corbyn  Mr Drakeford  supports not only Brexit but something similar to our Prime Minister.

When we see politicians calling for compromise it is meaningless unless they gave us a indication of what that entails.

The Tories seem content to run the clock down and leave us with accepting Mrs May's completely unchanged Deal or end up with a No Deal.

At this  time of crisis if you accept that Welsh Nation hod means more than wining a Grand Slam then who can deny that we need a leadership other than that is provided by the Labour Party in both the Assembly and Westminster?

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