Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Has the West played into Assad's hands?

There something particularly typical about how the UK Government and media treat 

As AAV points out 

"This UK establishment attack on the Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation seemed to begin as a means of having a dig at Jeremy Corbyn over his insistence that the rules of the Chemical Weapons Convention should be followed in relation to the Salisbury poisoning.

Seeing Tories and the yapping dogs of the mainstream press attacking and ridiculing the OPCW seemed like the latest absurd manifestation of the anti-Corbyn agenda. It seemed that people were so unhinged in their desperation to criticise Corbyn that they'd actually resort to demeaning and ridiculing an organisation that is dedicated to ridding the world of chemical and biological weapons in order to score points against him.

But then the Syria airstrikes made it absolutely clear that this is way bigger than the myopic anti-Corbyn agenda of the British establishment class, these people have undeniably declared some kind of crazed ideological war on the OPCW.

The first thing that a lot of people noticed was that Theresa May rushed the decision to carry out airstrikes to jump the gun on the OPCW inspectors who were making their way to Douma in order to investigate the alleged chemical weapons attack.

But it doesn't stop there, not only did Theresa May deliberately undermine the OPCW by attacking before their inspectors could establish the facts about her stated justification for the attack, the targets of the attack were Syrian government facilities that had been given the all clear by the OPCW just weeks before.

Claiming that OPCW approved facilities are actually chemical weapons factories and then destroying them is about the most blatant way of undermining the authority of the OPCW you could imagine, especially if it turns out that the UK had intelligence that the site was a chemical weapons plant and they refused to share their information with the OPCW so they could investigate.

And then the UK envoy to the OPCW Peter Wilson has come out swinging to attack the institution with claims that "the time has come for all members of this executive council to take a stand. Too many duck the responsibility that comes with being a member of this council".

However the viewpoint on OPCW depends on whether it like the government  believed the Assad regime was responsible.

The Guardian reports that
....... after Ken Ward, the US ambassador to the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, expressed concerns that the Russians had tampered with the attack site with the aim of thwarting the weapons inspectors’ fact-finding mission.
May told MPs: “The problem is they are being stopped from their investigation. The regime and the Russians are preventing them from doing that. Moreover, the regime has reportedly been attempting to conceal the evidence by searching evacuees from Douma to ensure they are not taking out of the region samples that could be tested elsewhere.”
She cited intelligence which showed that a “wider operation” to conceal the facts of the attack was under way, supported by the Russians. Moscow strongly denied interfering with the work of inspectors, suggesting the international missile strikes in response had made it difficult for the OPCW to travel to the scene.

Even if it becomes clear  that the Assad regime  was responsible and not one if the rebel groups (who are just as vicious) then it may be that the West have played into his hands.

If we are to ask why Assad,should carry out such an attack knowing the likely response, and considering he looks to be winning the civil war. Then maybe we consider Russia began withdrawing its forces from Syria from 2016.

Creating a Western pretext for attack , may well have led Putin who has been looking for an exit stategy, to remain and back his ally.

You may think I have come up with a crackpot conspiracy theory, but it is no more valid than anyone  put foward without a thorough investigation.

As our government who  have backed Saudi bombing in The Yemen which has received widespread criticism and had a dramatic worsening effect on the humanitarian situation, that reached the level of a "humanitarian disaster"or "humanitarian catastrophe" the crocodile tears over the  alleged use of chemical  weapons  is stark.

Is there really that much difference between  the humanitarian disaster in Syria (chemichal weapons or not) or The Yemen?

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