Monday, 25 November 2013

Welsh Speakers at an advantage (because they have more qualifications)!!

After yesterdays Blog (below but Syniadau is better on the subject than myself) )on a sensationalist headline in Wales on Sunday entitled 
Vulnerable autistic children  have been banned from using a school canteen because they do not speak Welsh.
 Come another from today's The Wasting Mule's 

This Time its
Welsh speakers 'more likely to get top qualifications and jobs'

Which immediately lead the Anti-Welsh lobby to cry...

"Ah I new it Monoglot English speakers are being unfairly discriminated against".

But even the  Mule has to admit the truth in the facts 

Up to 40% of those who can read, write or speak Welsh have a degree level qualification, compared to an overall average of 33% for Wales.
Figures released last week by the Welsh Government showed Welsh workers with qualifications at levels 7-8, which include higher degrees and diplomas, earn on average 73% more a week than people qualified to level 3 (this would include A-levels or NVQ level 3) or below.
And Wales’ best-educated workers earn 124% more a week than people with no qualifications.
Around 11% of Welsh speakers hold a level 7-8 qualification, meaning they are qualified for the most senior professions (e.g. doctors, postgraduates) versus 7% of non-Welsh speakers.
As the level of highest qualification increases the gap between Welsh speakers and monoglot English speakers widens – up to 41% of Welsh speakers hold qualifications at level four (first degree and NVQ level four) and above, compared to 30% for non-Welsh speakers.

So it seems that  th main reason that Welsh speakers get Top Jobs  as the Mule headline seems to emphasise is that they are better qualified.

But even if it was only that (They speak Welsh), it is a result of that they have an extra string to their bow. in being Bilingual it clearly should be taking into account.

I have had long called for investigation into whether there is greater unemployment among those who cannot drive as opposed those who can.

The ability to speak Welsh, is an advantage but it is an advantage open to all. Simply see that your children receive a Welsh Language Education)

OK its not that simple (In Newport for instance) but its up to our Assembly to make it so.

The Mule article clearly shows that the main reason that Welsh speakers have the top jobs is that they are better qualified . But I can't help wondering if the reason for the story was to give the impression that Monoglot English speakers are being discriminated against

We are not in this case (I'm a monoglot English speakers) but it looks like the Mule and its sister papers are determined to give the impression that it exist.
 even when the related facts show it doesn't.

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