Thursday, 7 November 2013

(B)eeb (B)acks (C)arwyn.

So in First Minister Question  Carwyn Jones  has made it clear that he has decided that a referendum on devolution of income tax powers to Wales is not something he is going to push

As Syniadau points our

 " Carwyn Jones made the assertion that a referendum on income tax powers was at present unwinnable, but might be winnable at some point in the future. This is a completely ridiculous thing for him to say. The survey evidence shows that most people in Wales already want income tax powers to be devolved".
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But thanks to Mike also posting the BBC Wales Today programme coverage above.we can see that they are not going to give much coverage to the Parties in the Assembly wanting a early referendum

If this is going to be an example of the BBC coverage of the debate  then those in favour of this are going to have a hard  time getting they argument over.

Political Editor Nick Serveni seems to be intent on merely précising  Carwyn Jones argument rather than giving a critical  analysis  and the opposition are dismissed with the quote of  (a quite clever) sound bite from La Pasionaria and the outstanding revelation that "Inevitably are putting forward for that referendum as well".

If this is going to be the level of debate on Wales Today in which the  political Editor makes Carwyn Jones  case and virtually ignores that of the other parties in the Assembly then the public are not going to anything like the analysis they deserve.

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