Thursday, 21 November 2013

Carwyn's Scottish Speech . "Running on Empty"

Click on Wales have reproduced Carwyn Jones  speech to Edinburgh  last urging  people in Scotland to go down the independence Road

I can only hope the Delivery was better than the content because it was hardly inspiring take this part for instance.

The Welsh experience of devolution. 
Let’s start then with our Welsh experience of devolution. The journey has not been a straight line from A to B – indeed we’ve had three fundamentally different models of devolution in less than fifteen years.Devolution has had to work hard to win hearts and minds in Wales, and it is striking how support for devolution in Wales has shifted over a generation. The trust that has been gained has been hard won and we do not take it for granted, but there is no question now that devolution is the settled will of the Welsh people. The UK Government’s long awaited response to the Silk Commission (which I’ll come back to in a moment), suggests that they too have finally come to accept this.So, over the last fifteen years there have been frustrations. But, that is grown up politics. And that is the point about the nationalist case for independence – is it grown up politics?  I’m not sure that it is.What is the case for independence – a strong economy? No, the IFS has sunk that boat. Better health or education? No, both Scotland and Wales can already develop their own policies in these areas.In Wales, we have taken best practise from Scandinavia and introduced our Foundation Phase – a ‘learn through doing’ curriculum for our 3-7 year olds; we have the Youth Guarantee, which will ensure every young person in Wales has access to a place in post-16 education and training; and we’ve recently passed ground breaking legislation on a ‘opt-out’ system for organ donationSo, will independence mean a stronger sporting and cultural output? Well, we didn’t need independence to win the Grand Slam, to introduce legislation to safeguard our language or to blaze the trail with free access to museums.So what will independence mean?  Will the Saltire seem a little more blue? Hang a little more firmly on the flagpole? Is that it?

Those with even the slightest knowledge of education in Wales  may be raising an eyebrow to his claims here as Wales was ranked lowest of the UK countries in the 2010 Pisa statistic sand his own Minister has admitted that Parents should not expect to see a rise in Wales' literacy, maths and science results in international rankings from next month,

But to revert to "We didn't need independence to win the Grand Slam",  shows how empty his argument is, in giving an example of Wales as being a example of the success of devolution.

The argument of the one day Welshman 

Carwyn finishes on the same theme

So having discussed our experience of devolution in Wales working, outlined the benefits as I see it of a lasting constitutional settlement, and why I think as a union we are stronger together than apart, I want to briefly address one other issue.
Much will no doubt be made of the notion that if you are a true patriot, then of course, you must want independence for your country. I am a Labour politician. I am a fluent Welsh speaker. I enjoy and cherish Wales’ cultural distinctiveness. I am a fierce supporter of our national rugby team.In short, I feel very patriotic about my country.
I want the very best for my country.
And I would say to Labour voters, you can be a patriotic Scot and still want to stay in the UK – because that’s what’s best for your country! The referendum decision is entirely a matter for the Scottish people, but its implications will be felt way beyond your borders.
I ask you not to forget your friends in Wales and in the wider UK.  A strong Scotland in a strong UK is a positive choice.

 Yesterday I said that Carwyn "Was  a bit like a 2nd division football manager telling his counterpart in the Championship  that they should not strive for promotion to the Premiership because its better life  in the lower divisions.

It is a sheer embarrassment for Wales to be  presented to a Nation that even if it votes No in the Independence election will leap ahead of us with further "Devomax" , When we congratulate ourselves because the Tories say they will allow us to have some Tax raising revenue even if they may tell us what to spend it on.

After Fifteen years on this performance and argument he seems only concerned to ensure that Wales doesn't drop out of the league altogether .

No vision , little to boast about and content to Welsh Identity expressed through the Rugby side.

Wales deserved better than this 


Anonymous said...

Rather think that Carwyn's point about the Welsh rugby team suppports the independence argument. That is, in rugby terms, Wales has full independence. That's what the rugby team means. An it's an independence Wales shares with other nations and cooperates.

The devo-max option for rugby in Wales is no National team.

But then, why the hell does every Welsh Labour politician have to mention rugby. Note to Welsh Labour - THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU NOT WITH YOU.

Frankly, I'm totally embarrassed that a Welshman has gone up to a nation which is so much richer than us economically, culturally, politically etc and told them to be as shit as we in Wales are!

Carwyn's made a full of himself and of Wales. We are the school snitch siding with the school bully.


Anonymous said...

"Frankly, I'm totally embarrassed that a Welshman has gone up to a nation which is so much richer than us economically, culturally, politically etc and told them to be as shit as we in Wales are!"

"We are the school snitch siding with the school bully."

briliant mate! perfect summarisation. thats waht hegemony does for you.