Monday, 28 October 2013

Welsh Government Miss The Post.

Just how much Labour were committed to opposing privatisation of the Royal Mail can be seen from the news that Westminster's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in Whitehall said it had received no representations from  the Welsh Assembly Government.

According to Wales Online a Freedom of Information disclosure to Plaid has revealed that the Labour Government in Cardiff did not participate in the campaign to oppose the sell-off.

A letter received by Plaid from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in Whitehall states: “I can confirm that the Department has not received representations from the Welsh Government about the privatisation of Royal Mail.”

Although the article reads like a direct copy of a press release  it does make a point.

In it Leanne Wood says.
Welsh Government miss the post.

 “While Plaid Cymru pursued a Welsh way forward to keep postal services in public hands, Labour in the Bay couldn’t even muster an email or a letter between them on this important issue.
 “Once again, Labour have been caught sitting on their hands while public opinion has rallied in support of public ownership and in support of our postal workers.
“It is sadly a well established pattern: Labour tub-thumping in public but doing nothing in practice.”

Maybe it got lost in the Mail 

But the idea that our Government in Wales cannot even write  their concerns here about the Privatisation of the Royal Mail  shows the true nature of that Government . Content to rest on their laurels in the belief they can escape blame for every thing the Westminster does,
 A spokesman for the Welsh Government referred us to the Assembly debate on Royal Mail privatisation of October 9, during which Communities Minister Jeff Cuthbert said:

 “I must stress that this matter is not devolved to Welsh Ministers, but I am always willing to make representations to Westminster now and in future.”

So that's all right then  .

From this example to the Bedroom tax. The Labour Party  not only  in Westminster but in Wales and in Scotland  have provided only half-hearted  opposition to the Co /LibDem cuts.

Indeed in Scotland it looks like Labour in the Scottish Parliament would endorse them if they were in power as can be seen here.

When it comes to Welfare reform cuts we get no real indication from the Labour leadership that they would reverse any of the reforms cuts that the Con/LibDems are implementing.

Milliband and his team seem afraid of Cameron and the Tories labelling them "The Welfare Part".

Why doesn't he simply turn to Cameron and say

"What is wrong with being a Party that cares about the Welfare of People? Why do the Tories think that this is a dirty word? Or is it simply his idea of Victorian Values and the return of the Workhouse"?

But the reality is Labour are not that different from the Tories . They would have liked to have privatise Royal Mail when in power and introduced much of the Iain Duncan Smiths  "reforms". as they pursued the voted of "Middle England" whilst taking areas like The Rhondda for granted .

How much longer can the people of Wales go on supporting this party whose interest is in marginal seats in England?

Even if leads to suffering in those areas who have loyal backed them for so many years.

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