Thursday, 24 October 2013

LIb Dem MP backs Plaid on not for profit company.

Maybe he'll mention it today but in his last Blog  Peter Black Praised John Major for his invention in the big debate on energy prices.

Whatever one might have thought about John Major when he was Prime Minister, there is no way that we can fault his timing. Sir John's intervention on fuel poverty and energy bills yesterday was perfectly timed and made Ed Miliband's efforts to make an impact on this issue look clumsy and inept:
But its Odd that he fails to mention that his own colleague Liberal Democrat MP Roger Williams has asked the Prime Minister to consider setting up a not-for-profit energy company based on the model of Glas Cymru which owns Welsh Water. He now says he'll also raise it with Lib Deb Energy Secretary Ed Davey..

Maybe he's  reluctant to do so because it was first raised by Leanne Wood last week

She told her party's annual conference that Energy Wales would buy gas and electricity at wholesale prices and sell directly to homes and businesses.

She said surpluses would be split between protecting customers and expanding energy efficiency.
Ms Wood said it would work as an arms-length firm in a similar way to Welsh Water.
I hope Peter and his fellow AM back this idea indeed I hope al Wales' Am's back this 
Out of all the proposals that have been flouted regarding Energy Prices it is Leanne Wood and Plaid who have come up with the best idea.
Because Plaid cane up with it firs,t is no reason for the other Welsh parties to back this. 
I wonder how many really good policies have failed to come to fruition because it was first raised by a party that is not in or likely to gain power soon.
It is a Welsh Solution to the problem and Roger Williams deserves praise for adopting it.
C'mon Peter Blog on this and back it even if you have to back Plaid .

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