Saturday, 31 August 2013

There is no "Special Relationship"

I've mentioned before ho much I enjoyed Clair Wilis' brilliant book on (That Neutral Island) on Ireland neutrality during the Second World war.

One of the interesting things that come out of it the hostility given to the infant republic after the US joined the War against the Axis powers . There s a good PHD thesis there for someone.

The same could be said about US  attitudes to France  who have been transformed almost overnight from " Cheese Eating surrender Monkeys to their "Oldest Ally" ( which is historically true"

The Daily Mail manages to get into a right old state over this with a sub lines

Kerry cozies up to America's 'oldest ally' FRANCE and snubs humiliated British as he seeks support for strike on Syria 

  • John Kerry made no mention of England in his White House speech Friday  
  • President Obama makes coded swipe at the UK's decision not to join in
  • Parliament has refused to back British involvement in military action
  • U.S.-France relations go back to 1778 Treaty of Alliance against Great Britain in American Revolution
Daily Mail 31 August 2013
Of course the  Mail has a problem in distinguishing between England and the UK but perhaps its worth it if only for the BU media to realise the "Special Relationship" is a myth.

The US is a bit like a rich Uncle bestowing favours on Nephew and Nieces if they fawn up to him or threaten to cut one off from his Will if they fail to do so.

Its time all the governments in the World told the US that their dictate of "If you are not with us you are against us " is not on and that a true friend is not someone who always agrees with you but will tell you  when you are behaving like an ass.

But we must also take in to account that this weeks vote against an immediate military action is not about  pleasing  or displeasing the US its what our parliamentarians on behalf of the people of these Island think what is morally right.

When John Kerry ass "What we in the world are going to do about Syria",  the reply should be what ever our democratically elected representatives decide not you.

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