Friday, 30 August 2013

Syria is not about the UK position as a world power.

What ever your opinion on whether the UK should take some form of Military action in Syria surely it should be about the moral question and not about the UK.s standing in the world or the "Special Relationship" with the USA.

The fact that David Cameron has been forced  to definitively ruled out British involvement in any military action against Syria after the government lost a crucial vote in the House of Commons which was designed to help pave the way for a possible intervention. seems to have enraged some of the supporters of Intervention .because it appears to somehow diminish the UK as world power.
It may a devastating blow to his authority, the prime minister lost a government motion by 272 votes to 285 – an opposition majority of 13 – after dozens of Tory MPs joined forces with Labour.
it is thought that 30 Tory MPs rebelled. 
Ministers had thought they were secure after a Labour amendment was defeated, in the first vote of the night, by 332 votes to 220, a government majority of 112.

It is clear that many MPs had leaned the lesson of IRAQ n  and the dodgy dossier
Although we are told he US had incontrovertible proof the regime of Bashar al-Assad was responsible for attacking the rebel town of Ghouta with chemical weapons, and that the substance involved was undoubtedly sarin gas  there can be no definitive conformation until the UN completes it investigation.

There is a civil war going on Syria Indeed throughout the middle easr

 Click to enlarge. Each color represents an ethnic or religious group. (The Gulf/2000 Project at Columbia University).

Syria is run by Alawites, a minority sect of Islam whose members include President Bashar al-Assad and many in his inner circle. They’re indicated in a greyish green, clustered near the Mediterranean coast. Although Alawites make up only 12 percent of the Syrian population, they are playing a crucial role in the war, fighting to prop up Assad’s regime.
A further explanation can be seen here.
It is not a simple case of the Assad Regime Bad rebels good and some of the actions of the Rebels have been as Babaric as that of Assads followers.
Military Invention in Libya  clearly helped the rebels there to overthrow Gadaffi but even if the Rebels were to win in Syria . What guarantee do we have a even more brutal civil war will break out.amongst the rebel fractions?
We and the USA are not the Worlds policemen and we can't go on deciding amongst ourselves who are the good guys and who are the bad  and removing the latter.
If Britain standing in the world was diminished last night, the position of democratic accountability in these islands  was enhanced.

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